5 Android apps to make better use of WhatsApp

To make better use of WhatsApp you can install some apps that improve the performance of the app and your Android smartphone

As easy as WhatsApp may be to use, for some people the more advanced features may create some problems. Think about calls and video calls: if your smartphone isn't powerful enough or your connection isn't up to snuff, getting them done isn't easy.

Android users, however, have one more option to get the most out of WhatsApp: install an app that improves its performance. On the Google Play Store there are several apps that support WhatsApp and improve some of its features or delete duplicate photos from the smartphone that slow down the device's performance. In most cases, apps to make better use of WhatsApp are free and you only need to download them from the online store and install them on your phone to use them in conjunction with the instant messaging service.

Siftr Magic Cleaner

WhatsApp can be the main source of smartphone problems, especially if you have a device with little internal memory. Even if we don't realize it, when we download images that our friends send us, we take up the internal storage space. If your smartphone is a few years old and the internal memory does not exceed 16GB, downloading WhatsApp images all the time can be a problem. If you don't want to delete the instant messaging application, a good solution to make the best use of WhatsApp is Siftr Magic Cleaner, an app that removes all unnecessary images from your smartphone. The app has a system that automatically recognizes "junk" photos and GIFs and advises the user to delete them. If you want to recover some space from your Android smartphone by deleting WhatsApp images, Siftr Magic Cleaner is the best solution.

Hide image, video of WhatsApp

If you need to hide images and videos that come to you on WhatsApp chats, the "Hide Image, video of WhatsApp" app is the best solution. With a simple touch on the screen, it will be possible to transfer the documents inside a top secret folder present in the smartphone. Moreover, the user will be able to increase the defenses by entering a numeric protection code as well. The application won't improve your smartphone's performance, but it will certainly make WhatsApp safer to use.


If you're fed up with WhatsApp's graphical interface, before you decide to abandon the application you can change it thanks to Flychat. The app allows you to view each conversation inside animated bubbles that will be shown on the smartphone's screen. The user will be able to manage them according to his needs. Flychat can also be used for other instant messaging applications: Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Hangouts.


To hide WhatsApp chats from the prying eyes of your friends, Maskchat is one of the best Android applications you can install. After downloading and installing the application, the user will be able to activate a mask that will protect their chats from those who want to spy on them. Very useful especially if you travel a lot on public transportation or the subway.

Seebye Scheduler Root

WhatsApp has a lot of useful features, but the one that allows you to schedule messages is missing. But thanks to Seebye Scheduler Root you'll be able to decide when to send a message to your friends on WhatsApp. The application is very useful especially for birthday or holiday greetings