AirMeasure, the augmented reality app that helps you park

AirMeasure is an app that uses augmented reality to guide us in maneuvering in a parking lot or to inform us whether or not our car enters between two vehicles

Parking remains one of the great nightmares, especially for those who live in big cities. Over time, however, technology has tried to give users and drivers a hand. Thanks, for example, to the use of cameras and sensors on the latest generation of cars. AirMeasure, however, goes further by taking advantage of augmented reality. AirMeasure is a smartphone application that, thanks to the use of augmented reality, allows us to park perfectly following precise instructions. The app can be used to understand if our car can enter a specific parking space between two vehicles. The system is in fact able to calculate the maneuvering space and adapt it to the size of our car. In addition to this service AirMeasure tells us when to steer and countersteer to perform a perfect reverse parking. The app assists us in all phases of parking, showing us how to pull alongside the initial vehicle and then how to leave the wheels once the maneuver is complete.

The app for perfect parking

The app advises the driver how to position the wheels once the maneuver is complete, also to facilitate the exit from the parking lot when we go to pick up our vehicle. At the moment the app is in the testing phase and can be tested by all interested users. For now, however, the service is only available on the App Store. Understanding when you have made a correct maneuver is very simple: the phone screen will display a ghostly silhouette of our car that will guide us in our movements. In order not to make a mistake in parking, all we have to do is place our wheels in the same position as those we see on the screen. All very easy and simple. At least in words.