Samsung Gear VR 3, the low-cost augmented reality viewer

The Asian group announced from the Virtual Reality Summit the new augmented reality viewer. The device will be launched at the MWC in Barcelona

Virtual and augmented reality are the new eldorado for big hi-tech companies, as evidenced by the projects these giants have been implementing recently. Like Google, Apple and Microsoft, Samsung is already thinking about the future.

According to the latest rumors, the South Korean company is working on a new visor for augmented reality that will most likely be called Samsung Gear VR 3. From the name you might think that the headset is actually a device for virtual reality, but the new headset will be dedicated to agmented reality, as confirmed by the vice president of Samsung Sung-Hoon Hong from the Virtual Reality Summit, the event dedicated to virtual reality that was held in recent days in the Californian city of San Diego. Sung-Hoon announced from the stage of the American kermesse that, in addition to the Gear VR 2, Samsung will also launch an AR visor.

How will the Samsung Gear VR 3

The new visor that the Asian house is making will be able to project virtual objects in reality. Samsung's holographic technology, referring to Sung-Hoon's words, will be "very realistic and touchable". So, the Asian company would have decided to focus on augmented reality. With the new device Samsung would like to improve the AR technology used by Microsoft on Hololens and that of Magic Leap, a startup that could join Samsung and take the place of Oculus in the development of the AR visor.

Will it be presented at MWC?

Samsung hopes to present the new device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that will start at the end of February. The Samsung Gear VR 3 (assuming it will be called that), compared to Microsoft's smart glasses, could also cost a lot less. The South Korean group is therefore preparing to surprise: not only the Galaxy S8, but also a new cheap visor designed for augmented reality.