Android Q coming soon, how to try it in preview

Google is preparing to launch the test version of its new operating system for smartphones. Several new features of Android Q: here's how to try them

Very soon Google may release the first beta of Android Q. The version dedicated to developers and beta testers would in fact be in the home stretch: it is deduced from the fact that the house of Mountain View has opened the bug tracker of the next Android. What is the bug tracker? It is the page where you can report bugs and errors of a Google product, so that developers can correct them before the final release.

In this case, the page "Android Public Tracker > Android Beta (Developer Preview)" allows you to send reports on "Android Q Beta Neural Network API", "Android Q Beta 3rd Party Tools", "Android Q Beta App Compatibility" and "Android Q Beta Platform". In this new section, then, developers (and the merely curious) will be able to report what's wrong with Android Q, thus contributing to the realization of the new version of the green robot operating system.

Android Q beta on more smartphones

Already on Friday, however, Iliyan Malchev of the Project Treble team said that "the number [of OEMs participating in the Beta Program] is greater for the next version of Android." Project Treble is a part of Android's code that can be modified directly by hardware manufacturers, without touching the rest of Android's code.

Manufacturers participating in Android 9 Pie's Project Treble were Essential, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony, Vivo and Xiaomi. Missing from the list were Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Motorola, which could instead participate in Android Q development this year. This also means that more people could start testing the new operating system.

In recent years, the first developer previews of new versions of Android have all been announced on Wednesdays, but Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers noticed how, in the notes accompanying the page on the bug tracker, there's a link leading to another page that will contain all the bugs already reported as of a certain date. That date is today, Monday, March 11. It is possible, therefore, that Android Q will be released in a few hours.

How to test Android Q beta

There is very little time left, then, to the opening of the next Android Beta Program, the official testing program through which you can try a preview of the new operating system. If your smartphone will be in the list of compatible ones included in the test program, then, in a few hours you could already download the new Android. Among the new Android 10 Q that green there are the dark theme, the farewell to the "back" button (replaced by gestures) and unlocking with the face. We'll see, perhaps very shortly, if they really come.