Apple Pay and AR, the two innovations that will make the success of iPhone 8

Some of the features of iOS 11, illustrated during WWDC 2017, hint at what will be some of the distinctive features of the iPhone

While we are still several months away from the launch of the iPhone 8, the top of the range with the passing of the days acquires more and more shape. And new clues, on how the device of Apple will be, came from the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017, where Cupertino presented its latest news.

The company founded by Steve Jobs did not reveal any details about the features of the iPhone 8, but introduced the world to iOS 11, the update of the mobile operating system of Apple's house. Some of the features of the OS, shown during WWDC 2017, make it clear what will be some of the distinctive features of the next mobile device of the Californian company. Two in particular: Apple Pay, Cupertino's payment system, and augmented reality, which has long been juxtaposed to the iPhone 8.

Apple Pay

Always referring to what Apple showed at the conference being held these days in San Jose (June 5-9), the new operating system will make payments even easier. It will also be integrated within iMessage, Apple's messaging application, and will allow with a simple click to make transactions. You enter an amount and authorize the payment with iTouch, the fingerprint sensor. That's it.

Augmented Reality

Another element, perhaps the most interesting and expected one, that will definitely be available on the iPhone 8 is augmented reality, a technology that allows virtual images to be projected into the real world. In fact, Apple at WWDC 2017 presented ARKit, the augmented reality platform for iOS 11. Although there is no certain news about the iPhone 8, which according to rumors will have a wide screen style Samsung Galaxy S8, the presentation of Apple's operating system indicates that augmented reality will play an important role in the future of the Californian company.