5 iOS 15 innovations that improve privacy

It can never be too much attention to privacy, which year after year is increasingly at risk: here are the best iOS 15 innovations to protect iPhones

iOS 15 is the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, available from the beginning of the week for all iPhone owners (from 6s onwards). Apple had announced it several months ago, and since that time several betas have been released to encourage developers and optimize the new system, but to get it it was necessary to wait for the presentation of the iPhone 13 range.

Now that iOS 15 is available we can better investigate the new features that debut with the new operating system for iPhones and that are designed to improve privacy. Some of them had already been announced by Apple at the time of the presentation of the iOS 15 project, so several months ago, while others we could only find out by getting our hands on the new system. Apple over the years has spent a lot to protect the privacy of its customers, and with iOS 15 has given an acceleration to its policy of data protection. Here are the five new features of Apple's new operating system that improve privacy.

Stop trackers in emails

If in the previous edition of the iPhone operating system, iOS 14, Apple put a stop to app tracking, this year with iOS 15 Apple offers the same tool but for emails.

iOS 15 improves the privacy of email communications by preventing trackers (and thus senders) from obtaining information such as IP address or knowing when a user opens an email. The new feature isn't on by default: you have to follow the Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection path and turn on Protect Mail activities.

Awareness of app activity

The name of the new feature by which iOS 15 improves privacy is itself pretty self-explanatory of what it does. The iPhone OS observes the behavior of apps for a week, noting how often they access data like location or use microphones, and warns us when apps or websites contact Web domains, i.e. remote sites.

The feature isn't on by default. To turn it on, follow the path Settings > Privacy > Log app activity.

Processing voice commands on the iPhone

With iOS 15, the voice recognition practiced by Apple's algorithms to extrapolate from the voice the commands to give to Siri takes place directly on the iPhone.

Now many requests can be processed without an Internet connection and far fewer recordings of our voice commands are sent to Apple's servers. The new feature is enabled by default.

Hiding your IP address

iOS 15 lets you hide your IP address (which on the web can be seen as an equivalent of your home address) from those who want to track your movements on the Internet. To hide your IP address you have to follow the path Settings > Safari > Hide IP address > To trackers.

Protect browsing with Private Relay

Private Relay is one of the new features in iOS 15 that allows you to encrypt data traffic coming out of your phone. Apple guarantees that even it can't decrypt this data.

Private Relay is included with iCloud+, so those who pay for a subscription to Apple's online space can activate it at no extra cost from Settings > iCloud > Private Realy (beta).