It’s official: OnePlus Nord 2 will have a great camera

With yet another tweet OnePlus confirms yesterday's anticipation by making official the camera that will boast OnePlus Nord 2. And there are already those who rub their hands

Stressed by the indiscretion spread yesterday on Twitter by the leaker Ishan Agarwal, OnePlus was "forced" to reveal a small big detail about the camera of OnePlus Nord 2, the expected mid-range of the Chinese company that will come out of the event scheduled for July 22 next.

At this point there seems to be all the conditions for OnePlus Nord 2 to be not only one of the most interesting exponents in the market segment in which it will fit shortly, but also to bring back to life that unparalleled value for money at the base of the rapid ascent that led OnePlus to be one of the most established companies in the smartphone market from the unknown start up that was in 2014. In short, OnePlus Nord 2 seems to have all the connotations of the so-called Flagship Killer, the label with which the company has identified for years its products with an almost derisory price compared to technical framework that seemed borrowed from the upper bands.

The camera of OnePlus Nord 2

And from a higher segment comes the main sensor that will be adopted on OnePlus Nord 2, inserted in a three-element camera group. The company confirmed Agarwal's anticipation on the official Twitter account of the Indian division: "There are the photo sensors, and then there's the IMX766," OnePlus wrote in its tweet, hinting at the reputation enjoyed by the Sony sensor, which is used by Oppo Find X3 Pro and OnePlus 9 Pro among others.

Sony's IMX766 certainly doesn't need too much introduction, but in the tweet OnePlus does the honors: "It's kind of like we used a huge vacuum cleaner for the OnePlus Nord 2's main camera capable of capturing 56% more light for improved color, sharpness and low-light shooting."

The comparison with the vacuum cleaner falls among the magnifications that any company would make towards one of its products, but the Sony IMX766 of OnePlus Nord 2 is really a sensor of a much higher range than that in which will flow in a few days, by price, the Chinese smartphone: among its specifications we read a 50-megapixel resolution (8192 x 6144 pixels), a sensor large 1/1.56 inches and pixels the size of 1.0 μm.

Technically it starts on par with the top of the range

In short, on paper OnePlus Nord 2 has the potential to play the game of photographic qualities starting on par with higher-end products. But since the level of numbers are not an absolute guarantee of performance (photographic in this case), we must understand how much the company has invested in software management of the information captured by the sensor. Today it is the software processing that most often makes the difference, so a quality sensor should be supported by a software processing of equal level.

Remaining on the subject of official previews, OnePlus has spoken in recent days of the Nord 2 display unveiling almost all the technical characteristics. To learn more about the remaining areas we must follow closely the next steps that will bring us closer to the launch: it is possible that OnePlus again anticipate something about its next Flagship Killer.