Apple Watch 6, the features and new functionality

The Cupertino-based company seems to have defined the road map for the development of the next smartwatch. Here's what to expect from the new Apple Watch 6

We're still several months away from September when, Coronavirus permitting, Apple should take the wraps off its new Apple Watch. But, as usual, already begin to bounce several rumors about how it will be the Apple Watch 6 and what should be the new features.

If on the first front - that of aesthetics - there should be no news (at least for next year), for what concerns the second the situation is evolving. Apple, in fact, should finally introduce sleep monitoring and new tools to keep fit and trained. In short, a device that is increasingly specializing towards the "sporty" side, with ad hoc functions and tools for lovers of physical activity.

Design: a round Apple Watch?

Since 2014, the year in which the Apple Watch was introduced, the design of the bitten apple watch has never been changed, except for some minor changes such as a larger screen, new designs and materials for the straps. In these months, rumors are chasing online about the possible creation of a round Apple Watch, as already happens in Android with the Samsung Galaxy Watch. In addition, a couple of patents filed by Apple that provide for the use of a circular display have thrown gasoline on the fire. It is, however, smoke and mirrors: before you can make an Apple Watch with a round dial, in fact, the Cupertino company should not only redesign the entire hardware of the device, but also develop a new operating system, which adapts its interface to the circular dial.

New fitness app

More likely, however, that the developers of the bitten apple focus their energies in the creation of new features for fitness. For some time now, in fact, the Apple smartwatch has carved out a substantial market share in the so-called "sportwatch" sector, used mainly by fans of running, swimming and physical activity in general. The new Fitness app in the works should not only keep track of the sports activities we do, but could offer personalized workouts in various disciplines such as running, cycling, swimming, yoga, rowing and more. The app could be free, or, according to some, would include a monthly subscription fee, as is already the case with Apple Music.

Sleep Monitoring

Currently, sleep monitoring is only available on the Apple Watch via third-party apps, but this has a detrimental effect on battery life. The Cupertino-based company's engineers are working to natively implement the feature in their watch's operating system, so as not to affect the device's battery life too much. After several attempts, it seems that they have finally succeeded in this endeavor and with the Apple Watch Series 6 should finally arrive the sleep monitoring natively.

Health: blood oxygen levels

A great news that could be introduced with the Apple Watch Series 6 could be the tracking of oxygen levels in the blood with the ability to send notifications to the user in case you go below a certain threshold. Something similar already happens with heart rate with the Apple Watch alerting you when the watch detects an abnormal heartbeat indicative of possible atrial fibrillation.