IGTV, Internet TV according to Instagram

The famous social media for photos has launched a new feature after reaching one billion users, here’s how it works IGTV, Instagram’s TV Instagram reaches one billion active users and to celebrate presents an interesting novelty: IGTV. What is it all about? Simple, it’s an Internet TV designed for users subscribed to the social platform … Read more

Waterproof smartphones, smart cars and connected TVs: here’s CES 2017

It’s still some time away, but the countdown is now on. The appointment with CES 2017 is getting closer and closer and the first rumors and predictions on what should be the protagonists of the event are already starting to flow. Not that things should be very different from what we’ve seen in recent editions: … Read more

Instagram, how to check who has followed you in the last 90 days

Instagram is updating with a new feature that allows you to better manage the users you follow. Here’s what to do to get it Instagram is constantly evolving. After modifying and hiding the number of likes received by published images, the famous social network announces a new way to view and manage followers. This is … Read more

Best sites to sell online

It happens to find ourselves inside the house flooded with items that we do not use, that maybe we do not like much and we regret to throw away. Or even just for the sake of changing something in the house, you decide it’s time to do some cleaning and tidying up. Your solution could … Read more