Instagram, how to check who has followed you in the last 90 days

Instagram is updating with a new feature that allows you to better manage the users you follow. Here's what to do to get it

Instagram is constantly evolving. After modifying and hiding the number of likes received by published images, the famous social network announces a new way to view and manage followers. This is a new feature that allows faster and more direct access to the list of followed profiles that, from now on, will be organized into different categories including  "Users with whom you have interacted less" and "Users shown more frequently in your News section".

The announced objective is to improve the fruition of the social platform by allowing users to reorder their followers in relation to the interests and relationships that change and evolve over time. In particular, this new feature allows you to control the profiles with which there has been less interaction in the last 90 days as well as view the profiles that most appear in our timeline. A bit like Facebook, where it is possible to stop following a person without deleting them from the friendships, but simply "putting them into oblivion". To use the new feature you need to update Instagram to the latest version available.

Instagram: how the new mode of follower management works

Once you have updated the application you need to access your Instagram profile and click on "Followers". Here you will be able to view the "Categories" section divided into: "Users you have interacted with the least" and "Users shown most frequently in your News section". Every single followed account can be checked in this new section by clicking on the three dots icon next to the profile name where you can manage notifications or disable them. Not only that, you can sort the list of people followed starting from the least recent to the most recent, or vice versa, thus offering the possibility to view the posts of the first people followed on Instagram.