Battery charger, usb pen: everyday objects destined to disappear

There are many electronic devices that could soon be replaced by new technologies. One of them is the battery charger

Technology has changed our lives. There are some hi-tech items that we just can't do without today. One of them is the smartphone. It would be impossible to imagine living without it. And yet some people have been saying for some time now that the mobile device will disappear in a few years.

Will it really? Probably. As it happened for many other products that at the time of their introduction seemed irreplaceable. Think, for example, of the fax machine, used less and less to send documents, and replaced by other faster and more accessible technologies, such as email. The smartphone, however, according to some predictions, is not the only technological object whose days are numbered. In fact, before the mobile device disappears completely, at least a decade will have to pass. In fact, there are many other devices and objects in common use that could soon be sent to the attic by the arrival of many other inventions.

Battery charger

The first tool destined to disappear is surely the battery charger. It's enough to take a look at the route taken by most smartphone and electronic device manufacturers to understand that the future of this indispensable element is already marked. In the next few years almost all devices will support different forms of charging. It will start with the wireless one, which will be increasingly used, and then arrive at other solutions. Some experts in hi-tech predictions say, in fact, that soon batteries will be charged by light.


An element that will undergo many revolutions will be that of passwords, which will be replaced by more secure security systems. There will no longer be a need to remember numerous login credentials, let alone strive to choose passwords that are difficult to discover. Fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, iris scanning and other biometric technologies will increasingly be used. A team of researchers in New York at Binghamton University is experimenting, for example, with a system that uses the heartbeat to unlock smartphones and tablets.

Physical media

Without making too much noise, new technologies are slowly "retiring" CDs, DVDs, hard drives, USB keys, replaced by many other forms of storage. Let's think for example to cloud computing, which allows you to save in the cloud millions of files, accessible anywhere and from multiple devices. Streaming technologies allow, then, to watch movies, or listen to music directly online and without the need to use one of these objects that soon will become, as happened in the past with the Floppy Disk, obsolete.


An object whose days are numbered is the wallet: the cause is that the currency is becoming increasingly virtual. First there were ATMs, small pieces of plastic that allow you to make purchases without carrying cash. Then it will be the turn of payment systems that allow you to pay using your smartphone or other electronic devices. Since a few days, for example, also in Italy has been launched Apple Pay, a service through which it is possible to perfect purchases using one of the devices of the company based in Cupertino.

The keys

The keys are an object of common use in the process of extinction. New technologies, in fact, already allow you to open doors simply by using a code, or a magnetic card. And not only that. More and more structures have replaced the classic locks with unlocking systems that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. It will be enough to approach the smartphone, in fact, to open a door. And soon these tools, which today are still used by few people, will become part of our lives, making keys unnecessary.


We've already talked about it, mirrors are getting smarter and smarter. Not only do they reflect our image, but they're also able to advise us on what outfit to wear, how to make pairings, and more. And the mirrors from cars, what fate will they have? Brief. In fact, the latest generation cars are equipped with cameras and numerous sensors that practically allow us to maneuver in total safety and without the need to use these tools that are still indispensable at the moment.

Washing machines

Brace yourselves: washing machines will disappear in a few decades. That doesn't mean we'll be wearing dirty clothes. Far from it. There are many technologies being fielded to clean clothes without using water. One startup, for example, has invented a bag that can wash clothes simply by using a system of ultraviolet light and active oxygen. In addition, fabrics that can clean themselves upon contact with sunlight are also on the way.