DJI Inspire 2, the drone that dreams of being a film director

The predecessor was already a drone designed for photography and aerial filming, but DJI Inspire 2 aims to become indispensable for the most avant-garde filmmakers

DJI had introduced Inspire 1 in November 2014 with the aim of bridging the gap between "amateur" users and Hollywood registers and establish itself as an undisputed leader in the professional sector as well. As it already is in the consumer one.

DJI Inspire 2 is now definitely a very high-end drone that aims straight at the film industry. The design, the materials used, the details and the performance are top notch. DJI has modified the chassis by choosing the aluminum and magnesium combination to provide greater strength while reducing the weight. And this has given it an extra gear: Inspire 2 is able to go from 0 to 80 km per hour in just 4 seconds and reach a top speed of 108 km / h. But what's more surprising is its ascending speed with its 9 meters per second.

Destination Hollywood

DJI Inspire 2 has selected the best features of its predecessor and improved them. Not only, of course, from a speed point of view. The Chinese quadricopter, as mentioned, is designed for photography, but especially for aerial filming. And the cameras must, of necessity, be up to the situation.

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We use the plural because there are two cameras: a Zenmuse X5S with a 4/3 sensor that can take 20.8 Megapixel photos and shoot video up to 5.2K and 30fps, in 4K at 60fps and in different formats, including, Apple ProRes and CinemaDNG RAW. The second is a 20-megapixel Zenmuse X4S. The first one is intended for filming, while the second one is for controlling the drone. The DJI Inspire 2, in fact, is designed to be controlled by two people, the pilot and an operator for filming. And the ability to attach a monitor to the remote controls allows for greater freedom of shooting by eliminating dependence on smartphones and the like.

Drone that aims very high

DJI Inspire 2 now has two batteries that increase the autonomy up to a maximum of 27 minutes. The Chinese quadricopter also has a sophisticated anti-collision system - thanks to the presence of a series of optical and infrared sensors - that can detect any obstacles at 360 degrees and 30 meters away. And, as mentioned, the incredible vertical speed of 9 m / s is accompanied by completely redesigned propellers that allow you to "flutter" with ease even at considerable altitudes and, specifically, shoot video in high mountains.

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Professional price

The new DJI Inspire 2 drone, given the super professional features, is certainly not cheap: the price starts at $ 2,999, equal to about 2,800 euros, with shipments expected from early January next year.

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