Best plant care apps

Do you want to know what are the best apps to download for plant recognition? Read this article! Discover on Libero Tecnologia the most recommended.

Amiring the beauty of nature is the first step to regenerate the mind. Think about how many emotions can be enclosed in a flower or a plant and the splendor that they bring around you, in your windowsill, balcony, terrace, vegetable garden or garden. Plants, after all, do not ask for much: just love and a little care. Nowadays, much of the folk wisdom that has been passed down has been lost, and it can often happen that we don't really know much about the nature around us. A cutting-edge system that combines today's technological present with botany are the plant recognition apps for caring for your magnificent flowers, vegetable garden and fruit trees. Check out the most recommended ones to download.

Best plant identification apps

How many times have you taken a walk in the countryside or a trip through the woods and been fascinated by the beauty of plants, trees and flowers you don't know? Maybe you have already seen them other times, you remembered them in school books or you had read them in some quiz in board games and then when you find them in front of you, the memories are blurred. All you have to do is bring your mobile device, whether it's a Smartphone or an iPhone, to take beautiful panoramic photos and to discover, document and study the nature around you.

Just download some free applications that, by means of an integrated recognition system, will allow you to recognize the plants you see around you, giving you advice on how to take care of them. We are talking about simple and intuitive apps, available in the Android PlayStore and in the iOS App Store. Often you'll just need to frame the plant you want to identify, with your mobile device's camera, or, in other cases, you'll need to upload a photo you've already taken.

PlantNet Plant Identification

One of the best plant identification apps, beloved by users, is PlantNet, available for free on Android and iOS. Developed by a consortium that includes scientists from CIRAD, INRA, INRIA, IRD and the Tela Botanica network as part of a project funded by the Agropolis Foundation. The app is designed to work on more than 3,700 species of wild plants and does not allow the identification of ornamental or horticultural plants.

A tip to optimize it is to focus your photo on a precise plant part, such as a leaf of a tree, a flower, a fruit. The app will then present you with a list of matching plants and your photo can be shared for other users to confirm that the identification result is correct. It is thanks to the community that the app is able to implement its archive and to improve itself more and more. The app is equipped with an excellent recognition system for plants, also helped by the contribution of Wikipedia users.

Garden Answer

Here's another plant recognition app, available for free on both Android and iOS. In English, if you're familiar with it, ready to instantly identify over 20,000 species, providing precise and meticulous information. Just take a picture and ask the app what it is. Garden Answer is also prepared to give you useful answers about diseases and insects that infest your plants. Very useful for taking care of your garden or vegetable garden.

Garden Tags

We recommend another famous app for recognizing flowers, plants, compatible with iOS and Android. Indeed, a real social network with over 100,000 users, aimed at gardening enthusiasts, where you can share photos of plants and flowers, follow others with a green thumb, post, comment, put likes and ask for advice on managing your garden. Simply ask a question with the hashtag that identifies it, and get help from the community. By upgrading to Garden Tag Premium, you can also receive a guide with specific care for your plants, with attached video tutorials.


For those who live in an apartment and between the hectic pace of everyday life, often forget to take care of the plants on the balcony, try this management app for iOS and Android. Equipped with a practical schedule with reminders that will remind you when to water and fertilize your favorite plants, not generically, but according to the needs of each. If you need advice, with the My Plants app, you can identify and track plants by name or photo, choose the species based on sun exposure, soil type, use etc.

No doubt, caring for flowers and plants isn't as simple as it might seem, it requires dedication and perseverance, but technology can come to your aid, just by choosing from the best plant recognition apps that will allow you to encapsulate useful notions and make your green thumb activities easier.