Bioo Pass, the plant with Internet connection

A Spanish start-up has created a prototype plant pot that uses photosynthesis energy to recharge your smartphone

Until now, plants have helped humans by providing oxygen, but now they could do even more: they could allow you to connect to the Internet. No, it's not a science fiction movie scenario but what we can do with a plant, soil, water and a plate to collect energy.

This plant-powered system not only allows Wi-Fi connection but also has the energy needed to charge a latest generation smartphone. And don't think of smart pots or smart home products, there's no outlet or power connection. This is a self-powered system, called Bioo Pass, made by Spanish startup Bioo Technologies. So how does the plant generate power? Simple, the energy is that of photosynthesis that is stored in the plate under the vase. During photosynthesis, in fact, molecules are released with electrons that are stored to recharge the phone or power a Wi-Fi connection.

Bioo Technologies

The Iberian start-up is growing fast thanks to this new power system for home and office, so much so that its founder, Pablo Vidarte, who is only 21 years old, said that in less than two years Bioo Technologies has gone from having four employees to 25. At the moment, the prototypes made are different and the plant that allows Wi-Fi connection is not the same one that allows a smartphone charging. But the company is working hard to implement the two functions and to include new ones as well. Vidarte's stated goal is to create gardens outside of homes that can power the energy needs of the entire building. And the project of the Iberian start-up has also thought about the creation of particular parks to power large companies or small neighborhoods. It must be said, however, that the technology for the energy exploitation of photosynthesis was developed in Hamburg and at the moment other companies are also using it, especially in the Netherlands.

Bioo Ed

In the meantime, to promote its prototypes, Bioo Technologies will start a project with some Spanish schools next Christmas. The project, called Bioo Ed, will educate young students about the concept of renewable energy generated by plants. For Bioo Technologies publicity at the moment is everything, also because the biggest obstacle for the start-up is funding. The renewable energy sector is very complicated and it's not always easy to find sponsorships to carry out experiments.