Black Friday 2019, which is the best time to make a purchase?

If the trend of the past years were to be confirmed, Black Friday is expected to increase the volume of online sales this year too

We are almost there: Friday, November 29, Black Friday begins and we will be able to find thousands of discounted product offers online, and in physical stores. The occasion is great to concentrate in these days the pre-Christmas shopping and, in fact, last year during Black Friday online searches grew by 47.6% compared to the previous month.

Data referred to Italy only and released by Idealo, which forecasts also for 2019 a strong growth of online interest during Black Friday. Also because it is now a trend: the interest of Italians has grown, from Black Friday 2017 to last year, by 18.4%. According to the price comparison service, this interest is directed mainly towards smartphones, followed by televisions, dryers, sneakers and hi-fi speakers. But when is it convenient to buy? The offers, and the ways in which they are proposed to buyers, vary from store to store so it is difficult to give an unequivocal answer. Some advice, however, can be given.

From Black Week to Black Hour

There are a thousand possible interpretations of Black Friday and each e-commerce site, or physical store, offers discounts on specific products in different ways. In some cases there is an entire Black Week for discounted shopping, beginning Monday, November 25, during which you can find discounts of up to 80%. There are other stores, such as Ikea, that let users choose which products they would like to buy at a discount and then put them on sale at a reduced price during Black Weekend. Other sites instead propose the Black Hour, that is only one hour a day during which products are sold at a discount.

November 29 will be the hottest day

It seems, therefore, that there is no lack of opportunities to do good business. However, Idealo data confirm that the day preferred by users remains the "black" Friday (this year November 29). Last year, for example, shoppers' searches during the 24 hours of Black Friday (understood as a day on Friday) jumped 32.6% compared to an average increase of 22.5% during the remaining days of the pre-Christmas discount weekend. This, in Italy, could be due to the fact that by now everyone knows that Black Friday exists but not everyone knows that in many stores the discounts last an entire week.