Bookabook changes the publishing market: author’s royalties up to 50%

Bookabook changes the publishing market, granting author's royalties up to 50%

Bookabook, the first Italian publishing house that publishes books through crowdfunding, is preparing to revolutionize the publishing market. In fact, it has decided to increase the compensation for authors up to 50% of the cover price. An epoch-making change in a sector that continues to change and to offer opportunities to those who have a story to tell.

The issue of royalties for writers is one that until now has always been little addressed, but is becoming increasingly important thanks to the potential of the Web. Currently in Italy royalties for writers range from 4 to 10% of the cover price, a rather low percentage not only in absolute numbers, but also as a percentage of the sale of works. La ragione di queste cifre è spesso legata al costo della filiera che lascia poco spazio agli autori e agli editori.

In questo contesto si inserisce Bookabook, una casa editrice che è stata in grado di creare un nuovo modello di business, garantendo agli scrittori compensi economici superiori rispetto alla media del mercato italiano. Offre infatti agli autori una soddisfazione economica maggiore, sino al 50% del prezzo di copertina.

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“Possiamo offrire royalties alte perché abbiamo investito molto sul nostro e-commerce – ha spiegato Tomaso Greco, editore e co-fondatore di Bookabook -. Oggi quasi tutti gli editori vendono in libreria e online, ma pochissimi hanno fatto seri investimenti su un canale di vendita proprietario”.

Attualmente Bookabook garantisce agli autori il 50% per ogni ebook venduto sul sito e il 25% per ogni libro cartaceo. Instead, royalties for books sold in the distribution circuit remain at 10%. "We started with our website," added Greco, "because that's where we have a direct relationship with readers and where we don't discount supply chain costs."

The focus is still on bookstores, however. "The strategy for the diffusion of our novelties naturally and above all passes through the bookshops - concluded Greco -, which we do not consider only as sales points, but as cultural garrisons on the territory, where readers meet books, authors and build relationships".

The royalties guaranteed by the publishing house are among the highest compared to other self-publishing platforms. Suffice it to say that Amazon KDP offers royalties between 40% and 60%, but on the cover price by removing printing costs. Different platforms, on the other hand, do not exceed 30% of the cover price. Moreover, it is important to consider that in self-publishing all the possible costs are borne by the author - from editing through proofreading up to marketing - while Bookabook takes care of them directly.

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