Bridgerton: Shonda Rhimes talks about the future of the TV series

The TV series Bridgerton has achieved great success and now to talk about its future is Shonda Rhimes: all the news about the upcoming seasons

The universe of Bridgerton created by Shonda Rhimes has passionate fans, who now wonder about the future of the TV series. To answer the doubts and reveal the intentions for the future was the same Shonda in an interview with Variety, in which she also speaks of the farewell of the Duke of Hastings, played by Regé-Jean Page.

The first season has been a great success and the second season could arrive as early as 2022, but it will certainly not be the last. Rhimes in the interview with Variety explains that she wants to continue with the story and already has clear in mind how many seasons will be coming. The founder of Shondaland, which has remade successful series such as Grey's Anatomy, also revealed the reasons that led to eliminate the character of Page, whose storyline ended with the first season. In the second season of Bridgerton, in fact, the protagonists will be Anthony, the eldest of the Bridgerton brothers, and his love story with new entry Kate Sharma.

Bridgerton: how many seasons coming up

In the first season Bridgerton thrilled fans with the love story between Daphne, the eldest daughter of the powerful family played by Phoebe Dynevor, and the golden bachelor Duke of Hastings, Regé-Jean Page. The two seem to have nothing to offer each other, but their attraction is undeniable and a feeling hard to stifle will break out.

After the conclusion of the series, which was very successful, Netflix has already announced the arrival of a second season, where, however, the rebellious Duke of Hastings will be absent. Rhimes has revealed that the protagonist will instead be Anthony, the eldest of the Bridgerton brothers, and his love story with a new entry in the cast. A twist that hints at how the TV series is set to become anthological, with each season dedicated to a different character.

The Shondaland founder also revealed how many seasons she plans to create of Bridgerton, which has already been renewed for 4 seasons. The powerful family consists of 8 siblings, so the idea is to create 8 seasons each focusing on a different protagonist and his love life.

Bridgerton: will the Duke of Hastings return?

The character of the Duke of Hastings has fascinated fans, who badly digested his exit from the scene since the first season. Rhimes, however, has vindicated her choice, explaining in an interview with Variety, that her idea was precisely to write a television series that has a closed storyline in each season.

For this reason, the farewell of the actor Page was inevitable, although the role in the series earned him an Emmy nomination and the appreciation of fans. The actor had also stated that he had signed on for only one season, leaving no room for him to return, although fans were hoping for at least a cameo.

It seems that Page turned down a proposal to return to the show, as his role launched him into a new film career, but the universes created by Shondaland are unpredictable and although a return is currently ruled out.