Cars, Lightning McQueen’s model car is driven with your smartphone

It's a radio-controlled toy car that can say 300 sentences, can move its mouth and has different expressions thanks to an LCD display and six servo motors

Can a smart model of Lightning McQueen, from the movie Cars, be considered just a remote-controlled car? No, and in fact it is not. The vehicle inspired by the famous protagonist of the Disney film can be entirely piloted thanks to an application for smartphones.

The radio-controlled car was made by the company Sphero, which has already accustomed consumers to similar products in the past. Lightning McQueen was developed with about 300 different phrases based on different contexts, and when he speaks (thanks to six servo motors) the model actually moves his mouth. Although it would be better to say the hood of the car. According to the acrobatics that performs the car also moves on the wheels simulating the movements of the protagonist of the animated film. And in the same way, expressions are made more real thanks to the display (the windshield) and the eyes that move.

How it works

The "windshield" is a trapezoidal LCD panel equipped with brightness sensors. The car also has two small LED headlights in front and based on the touch of our hand it has reactions. Basically it turns or tilts. As mentioned Lightning is entirely manageable from our smartphone. Just click the buttons on our phone to accelerate, brake or curve. The Sphero car can reach 10 km / h and has a range of about 30 meters. The car is also able to make the so-called "donuts" or turn on itself to create with the tires a "donut" on the ground. The autonomy of Lightning McQueen is about 40 minutes and charging is via USB and lasts two hours. The toy is available on the site of Sphero, in DisneyStore and in some associated stores. The price is 349 euros.

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