Che ci fa Mark Zuckerberg su Clubhouse

Il CEO e fondatore di Facebook ha aperto un profilo sul social più discusso del momento: ecco cosa è andato a fare Mark Zuckerberg su Clubhouse.

Conoscere il nemico per combatterlo meglio. O magari per comprarlo. Su Clubhouse adesso c’è anche Mark Zuckerberg, con il nick di “Zuck23“, e ieri sera ha partecipato al “The Good Times Show“, lo stesso talk nel quale nei giorni scorsi Elon Musk ha raccontato di aver impiantato un chip neurale nel cervello di una scimmia.

Zuck23, invece, è entrato nel social più in voga del momento per parlare dei Reality Labs di Facebook, cioè i laboratori dove l’azienda realizza i prodotti dedicati alla realtà aumentata e virtuale. On Clubhouse Zuckerberg told that within 10 years half of Facebook's staff will work remotely in a fixed way, even without pandemic: "We should teleport, not transport" said the CEO and founder of Facebook while peeking (or rather, listening) what happens on the new social that is based on voice and not on the image.

Voice vs. image

It's really voice that Zuckerberg is interested in: the entrepreneur founded Facebook and then bought Instagram and WhatsApp, leading the first two social networks to generate billions of dollars each year thanks in part (or perhaps above all) to his users' desire to appear.

Images, photos and videos, dominate Facebook and Instagram and are exchanged in huge quantities via WhatsApp. But the group lacks the vocal component, also because at the moment no one has yet managed to make much money from podcasts and, in general, from listening.

Since Clubhouse is promising and, unlike everything that has come before, has the possibility of turning voice into profits, the good Mark has well thought of transforming himself into Zuck23 and going to hear what they say about Clubhouse.

Facebook Vs Clubhouse

Every time a platform competing with Facebook has pulled something out of the hat that works Facebook has promptly copied it or, when it couldn't be copied, bought the competing platform directly.

It's already happened with features like Snapchat's stories, or with the purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp. Could this be Clubhouse's turn? It's still too early to tell, but Zuckerberg is already a user of the new social (and we don't think the invitation bought him on Twitter)