Color Binoculars, Microsoft’s app for colorblind people

The app is designed for people who have difficulty perceiving color combinations. At the moment it is only available for iOS

There are many people who cannot distinguish colors. About 8% of the world's population suffers from color blindness. Now, technology comes to their rescue. As Tom Overton, one of the creators of Color Binoculars, says, "the app allows color-blind people to distinguish color combinations that they normally have difficulty identifying. The idea came from the personal experiences of the Redmond engineer, who normally develops projects for Cortana. The mathematician, in fact, has great difficulty in perceiving red and green: "for example, - continues Overton - since I have trouble distinguishing green and red, our app increases the brightness of reds and makes greens darker". In practice, using the camera, Color Binoculars replaces red with pink and increases the intensity of green.

Filters light

The application was created by Overton and another engineer, Tingting Zhu, through the Microsoft Garage, the laboratory where Redmond experiments with new projects. Color Binoculars, as mentioned, uses the smartphone's camera and applies filters that help colorblind people distinguish colors. The main difficulty these people encounter is perceiving the wavelength of light correctly. Color Binoculars doesn't take pictures, nor videos, but simply uses the iPhone's camera to "adjust" the colors. The application is currently only available for smartphones manufactured by Apple.