Da Vinci Color, the 3D printer that colors the objects it creates

Thanks to four ink cartridges, this 3D printer designed by XYZprinting makes small children's toys and colorful household objects

3D printers, in addition to helping the development process of the so-called Industry 4.0, are also widely used in prototyping and by DIY enthusiasts. Until now, however, the great limitation for collectors has been the colors. In fact, 3D printers only make gray objects that then have to be painted by hand.

The new 3D printer, called Da Vinci Color and designed by XYZprinting, can create collectibles that are already colored. The machine can make colorful toy soldiers, ogres and monsters for those who like fantasy board games, or small models of cars or household items. How does the Da Vinci 3D printer color objects? Very simple, during the printing process it uses an ink cartridge to give the object the color shade previously chosen by us. The machine prints with a resolution of 100-400 microns, this means that two colors may be a little blurry when viewed up close but in general the result is quite high quality.

How it works

This is a printer for making small models or private games and is not recommended at the corporate level. Although it could be used during an initial testing phase to make small prototypes of an object. The design software inside the printer is XYZmaker, it is very easy to use and allows you to print designs from all common 3D file formats (amf, ply, obj, stl and 3cp). You can use models already loaded on the software or create your own object from scratch. Even for the colors there are no great limits, objects can be made with very bright and garish colors. Being one of the first 3D printers of this kind, the Da Vinci Color is not very cheap at the moment. Its launch price, in fact, is $ 3,500. Just under 3,000 euros. While the cartridges, which are 4 (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), must be purchased separately and cost about 55 euros each.