Toybox, the 3D printer that creates toys for children

The 3D printer is designed to be used by children: it is easy to use and to reproduce an object are sufficient very few minutes

The audience of users to whom 3D printers are addressed continues to expand, increasingly popular thanks to the prices that have become affordable. The latest arrivals are children, who will soon be able to count on Toybox, an easy-to-use 3D printer for creating toys.

The device is designed just for little ones, as long as they are at least 5 years old. Toybox can be up and running in just five minutes and requires no special skills. It connects with the smartphone and in no time children are able to reproduce an object. The printer, in addition to being very fast, comes with an extensive catalog of 3D models of toys. Children can also create new designs and immediately send them to print. Toybox can be launched through the browser, or directly from the dedicated application, available for both Android and iOS users.

Features Toybox

Toybox is a compact printer with a small size. It works by connecting to another device - smartphone, tablet or computer - through Wi-Fi connection. The printer is designed to be used by the little ones creatively and without any difficulty. A crucial role in this case is played by the app that accompanies the printer. Children, for example, can choose and modify the various 3D models in the catalog or design new creations.

To print, as mentioned, just a few minutes. It is sufficient to choose the 3D model to print, load the device with one of the available colored filaments and start with a click the process of reproduction of the objects.

The material used is biodegradable and above all it is not toxic.

Price and release date

And we come to the price. To finance Toybox, a fundraising campaign has been launched on Indiegogo, one of the main crowdfunding platforms. The device's creators are aiming to reach $40,000 before the initiative closes.

The cost of the 3D printer is $399, less than €335 at the current exchange rate. Backers will still be able to get price reductions. The first models will begin shipping in December 2017.