Tim Sweeney, the man who became rich thanks to Fortnite

The successes of Fortnite have caused the valuation of Epic Games, the software house that created the game, to skyrocket. With benefits for those who believed in it from the beginning

Can a single video game help you become one of the richest men in the world? Yes, if it is Fortnite. The title developed by Epic Games has been able to grind out revenue after revenue and, in 2018 alone, generate a profit of $3 billion. A result far better, according to several analysts, than that obtained by dozens of nations around the world.

No wonder, then, if someone was able to become a multibillionaire thanks to Fortnite and quickly climb the rankings of the richest men in the world. And we're not referring to Ninja, probably the strongest player in Fortnite. According to Bloomberg, one of the most famous business magazines in the world, Tim Sweeney has recently become one of the 200 men with the greatest personal wealth estimated at $7.2 billion (about 6.3 billion euros). Who is Tim Sweeney? Simply, the founder of Epic Games and, therefore, the daddy of Fortnite, video game revelation of 2018.

Why Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, is among the richest men in the world

The more than excellent results recorded by Fortnite over the past 12 months, therefore, have allowed Sweeney to find himself in the hands of a real golden goose. The valuation of Epic Games, thanks to the surprising economic results, has had a real surge, reaching the threshold of 15 billion dollars. Since Sweeney is the founder and main shareholder of the company, his personal wealth has also skyrocketed to over 7 billion dollars.

As we were saying, Bloomberg has created its annual ranking of the richest men in the world and, browsing through it, we realize how hi-tech now plays a role of primary importance in the real economy. At the top of the list, in fact, we find Jeff Bezos, father of Amazon with a personal fortune of 122 billion dollars, followed in second position by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and "holder" of a fortune of just under 100 billion. Warren Buffet closes the podium (70 billion dollars his wealth), which boasts investments in companies such as Microsoft and Apple, just to name two.