Why Tim Cook became Tim Apple on Twitter

Why did Tim Cook change his name on Twitter to Tim Apple? All because of Donald Trump. Find out what happened

Apple CEO Tim Cook changed his name on Twitter. He is now called Tim Apple, and many are wondering why he did it. Did he identify too much with the soul of his company? Nothing at all: the reason is related to a conversation with the President of the United States.

During a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, focused on important issues related to work, development and innovation, Donald Trump called Tim Cook, Tim Apple thus confusing his real last name with the name of the company he leads. The CEO did not correct Trump on the spot, allowing him to finish the speech without interruption. It seemed then that the slip had fallen into oblivion, but a few hours later, Tim Cook surprised everyone. He changed the name of his Twitter account, transforming it into Tim Apple. The gesture has aroused the hilarity of all users and has made the rounds of the web.

Donald Trump praises Tim Cook but confuses his name

Donald Trump is often the subject of memes and viral jokes around the web. But this time, users went wild for a specific reason.

On Wednesday, March 6, the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board committee wanted by Trump met at the White House. The working group has 25 members, including Tim Cook and also the president's second daughter Ivanka Trump. During the ceremony, the President of the United States praised the technology giant for the milestones it has made America achieve and also for the important investments in education, and in particular in the study of coding, aimed at children and young people. Donald Trump taken from his important speech of thanks ended up confusing the name of the Apple CEO, who in his words became Tim Apple. The error was minimal, but it was enough to trigger the irony of the network: the news has bounced on various social networks and websites. And of course there was no shortage of subtitled or slowed down videos at the very moment in which Trump pronounced the fateful slip of the tongue. Even Ivanka Trump played on the mistake made by her father with an amusing tweet.

How did the Apple CEO react?

At the time, the Apple CEO did not reply or correct the President of the United States; but a few hours later he changed his name on Twitter. Instead of his last name he inserted the logo of his brand: the famous apple bitten in one side. The change can be clearly seen in the web interface of the social network, or in iPhones and iPads for those who use the mobile app.