Twitter starts testing its alternative to Clubhouse: it’s called Spaces

Twitter launches Spaces, the new feature for voice messages that challenges Clubhouse: how the feature works in testing on Android

The testing phase on Android has started for the alternative to Clubhouse signed by Twitter. The feature is called Spaces and will allow members of the 140-character platform to use special rooms for voice conversations, replicating the basic mechanism used by the competing app.

The new feature had already been announced a few months ago and was already being tested last December, at the time exclusively on devices with the iOS operating system. With a sudden twist of fate, Twitter has cut the time and succeeded where the app of record is still missing: that is, on the version of its application dedicated to users who daily use devices equipped with the operating system of the green robot. So the chances of seeing Spaces up and running on all smartphones well before the famous Clubhouse, the app worth 100 million dollars and 8 million downloads, are becoming more and more concrete.

Twitter Spaces, who can access the tests

Spaces is currently being tested on the beta version of the app for Android. Those who meet the requirements to be part of the program, which is currently being tested only in certain countries around the globe, can receive their invitation just like on Clubhouse.  The invitation comes in several forms, confirmed by Twitter through an official communication.

"Starting in the coming days, people with Android will be able to participate, listen and talk in conversations on Spaces. Participating in Spaces on Android is easy. Just keep an eye on the purple aura around the avatars in the Fleetline - the platform pointed out - and tap to join. You can also join Spaces via a link shared with you (via Tweet, DM)."

Currently, users who have been chosen to be part of the audience participating in the Android beta test phase can only join rooms and participate in conversations. Soon, however, they will be able to create their own rooms to access together with their contacts, as it already happens with iOS users.

Twitter and voice DMs, the other side of Spaces

Along with Spaces rooms, Twitter continues to focus on real-time voice communication with the development of voice messages within private chats, or the so-called DM (direct message). Currently the feature that allows you to send short audio clips lasting up to 140 seconds is being tested in three countries, Brazil, Japan and India, but could soon be extended to other countries. And the challenge to Clubhouse is open.