Disney+: price and catalog of the anti-Netflix

The launch time is approaching for Disney+, the anti-Netflix streaming service that can count on an endless catalog of movies and series, or almost

Disney+, the streaming content service created to compete with Netflix, heats up the engines: Disney will officially launch it soon in the U.S., Netherlands and Canada, and then make it available in other countries in 2020. Italy included. In the meantime, however, Disney + is available on a free trial in the Netherlands and can be pre-ordered in the U.S.

Thanks to these "pre-launches" abroad, we can be sure of the final price of subscriptions to Disney + and begin to peek into the huge catalog. That starts already rich, but that will offer the best gems only in a couple of years and will be completed within the fifth year after the launch of the service. Just the catalog, according to many, will be the winning weapon of Disney + compared to competing services: in recent years the Walt Disney Company has in fact acquired, directly or indirectly, the rights to broadcast a huge amount of material, the most diverse genres but all of the highest quality. The enormous financial availability of the company, finally, will allow it to finance the production of many contents that will replenish the "Originals" section.

Disney+: price and features

In the United States it is possible to pre-order a subscription to Disney+ at a very convenient price: 6.99 dollars per month, or 69.99 dollars in the case of an annual subscription with a small discount. A 12.99 "plus" subscription should also arrive later, which will also include content from the sports channel ESPN and Hulu's TV series. With both subscriptions will also offer content in 4K with Dolby Vision.

Disney+: the catalog

The Walt Disney Company in recent years has scored a long series of acquisitions, total or partial, of other media companies and has purchased the rights to thousands of content. Today, 21st Century Fox, Pixar and Marvel Comics are part of the Walt Disney group. Disney owns the exclusive rights to the entire Star Wars saga. The Walt Disney Company owns 73% of the shares of National Geographic Partners, a joint venture between Disney and the National Geographic Society (a non-profit that produces the magazine, documentaries, the Nat Geo television channel and the Web site).

The Disney+ catalog, therefore, could be virtually infinite: from the great action films on superheroes to documentaries of the highest quality, passing through The Simpsons, Luke Skywalrker and Snow White, Cinderella, Cip&Ciop and Buzz Lightyer. Disney says that the first year it will be possible to see 400 films and 7,500 episodes of TV series, and by the fifth year 500 films and 10 thousand episodes will be available. An "Originals" section is planned with productions exclusive to Disney+, which will consist of 25 episodes of TV series and 10 movies the first year, 50 episodes and 10 movies by the fifth year.