Disney, new video streaming service to challenge Netflix

After launching Disney + a few months ago, now comes Star: a new video streaming service challenging Netflix

Disney is preparing to openly challenge Netflix in the video streaming market and after launching Disney +, now it is ready to launch Star. The company was acquired together with Fox and offers a service for streaming movies and TV series internationally.

The company can already rely on Disney +, which offers content from Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar, and the streaming platforms ESPN Plus and Hulu, also with different content. Star thus becomes Disney's next video streaming platform, as announced by CEO Bob Chapek, with an even different offering aimed at a different target customer base. The platform that will arrive in 2021 will also offer content from other brands such as one of the historic U.S. television channels ABC, FX, Freeform, the extensive catalog of movies available from both Serchlight and 20th Century Fox.

Star, new streaming service from Disney

The decision to launch a new streaming service came after the success of Disney +, which registered 60 million users worldwide. The same strategy, Chapek points out in an interview, will be replicated with Star, a brand acquired by Disney and known especially in Asia. The goal could be to expand the offer of the new streaming video service also to Europe, but at the moment there are no confirmations or official announcements about it.

Star or Hulu, the doubt about Europe

If Disney + has arrived in Italy with success, the Hulu platform, which provides content reserved for older people, has remained in the United States. Bob Iger, previous CEO of Disney, had thought of an international launch of Hulu, on which the new CEO Chapek, however, is holding back. The suspicion then is that Star could also be launched in Europe and Asia as an alternative to Hulu. For now it is only speculation and suspicion, but if Disney has said it is ready to launch the service as early as 2021, we will not have to wait long to know the offers and costs.