DIY iPhone, how to build it at home with 300 euros

Scotty Allen, a famous Youtuber, has built at home his own version of the iPhone 6s ordering from the Internet every component of the smartphone

Buy a new iPhone is an expense not within everyone's reach. If you are a true fan of Cupertino, however, you should not despair. The Internet could help you build an Apple smartphone at home. Yes you got it right, and the famous Youtuber Scotty Allen has also succeeded.

Let's start from the basics, that is, the various components needed to reproduce our iPhone at home. The individual components of an Apple smartphone really do cost a lot less than the final product. How do you go about buying them? Allen turned to the Internet and specifically to Apple parts dealers in China. The goal was to build an iPhone 6s at home. There is a small, huge, detail: the resale of these parts, neither on the web nor in physical stores, is obviously not authorized by Cupertino. Allen, however, with his video has shown that every component, from the screen to the speakers, is traceable on the Net.

Successful experiment

The Youtuber began his reconstruction of the iPhone 6s starting from the chassis and hardware components of the smartphone. The most complicated part was the logic board, which is composed of a multitude of small chips. To overcome the problem Allen bought a whole used one, obviously of the iPhone 6s, found on the Internet. And to his surprise he also discovered that it was still under warranty. In the end Allen was able to recreate his iPhone 6s to perfection. The total cost was only 300 euros. Quite a saving. But in his estimate of expenses Allen didn't include the labor and time it took to order and assemble each part, and he also didn't factor in some non-compatible parts that he paid for but couldn't assemble. So probably making a phone at home is not for everyone, but this experiment significantly underlines how this market, made of components and small parts, is growing. An aspect that the big producers will have, soon, to keep in strong consideration.