Xiaomi like Apple: here come DIY repairs

Xiaomi has followed Apple's example, and announced that soon consumers and enthusiasts will be able to resort to DIY repairs, saving money

The feeling is that Apple's decision to respect consumers' right to repair has triggered a domino effect. Apple surprised everyone a few days ago by announcing do-it-yourself repairs for iPhones, and now Xiaomi has also made a move by announcing the Xiaomi Cares program.

In the first phase, Xiaomi Cares will be exclusive to the Indian market, but there are good reasons to believe that the initiative will be extended to enthusiasts around the world, who in this way will be able to repair their devices rather than throw them away, moreover with a considerable saving in terms of pollutants saved to the environment and also in economic terms. A little "yellow" has been triggered on the matter, when Xiaomi had published an unclear message on Twitter, and when rumors were almost out of control for a historic breakthrough, Xiaomi intervened through a spokesperson by making Xiaomi Cares official.

The "declaration of love" by Xiaomi

The initial indiscretion was born from a message posted on Twitter by the Indian account of Xiaomi, in which it invited users to stay alert for important news. The tweet reads, "We worry. For us, you've always been at the center. Everything revolves around your experience. We've always tried to put you first. And now, we're taking our efforts to a higher level, just for you. We care."

Basically, Xiaomi's Indian account posted a sort of "declaration of love" towards the brand's fans, rather cryptic about the true meaning of the message, which, however, had been partially clarified by the photo attached to the tweet: "Easier repairs," is the central message of the image. Rumors tried to see through it, and thus emerged the possibility that Xiaomi may follow Apple in its opening to DIY repairs.

The confirmation: do-it-yourself repairs are coming

Then, a few hours later, probably because of the fuss raised by the tweet that in a few minutes went around the world, a spokesperson of Xiaomi intervened to put a stop to the rumors, sweeping away any doubt with eloquent words: "We plan to increase our commitment to fans and consumers: our next solution, Xiaomi Cares, will include all service and support needs. The Indian company Xiaomi Cares will be created with the aim of making repairs and support convenient".

So Xiaomi will also offer its loyal users everything they need to repair their phone or tablet themselves, including repair manuals, the tools needed to disassemble devices without damaging them and, of course, replacement components, following in Apple's footsteps.

As is evident from the words of the spokesperson, Xiaomi Cares will be proposed initially in India, but in light of the gratitude that Xiaomi has towards the many fans around the world, although there is still nothing official for global markets, it is doubtful that such an interesting initiative remains limited to the Indian market. So let's wait for news: Xiaomi Cares DIY repairs may soon arrive in our parts.