Don’t buy anti 5G bracelets: they are radioactive

They are sold with the promise of protecting the wearer's body from electromagnetic radiation, but in reality they are the ones that are radioactive and dangerous

From the Dutch Nuclear Safety Authority comes an alarm: on the market there are pendants, bracelets and other "anti 5G" objects that are very dangerous, because they are radioactive. The Authority has found and tested 10 of them and all of them put at risk the health of those who use them, especially if for prolonged periods.

To avoid any risk, however, the Authority says that such anti 5G devices should never be used also because, says the Dutch authority, these objects are illegal and should not even be sold. And, instead, especially anti 5G bracelets are sold mainly as protection from 5G electromagnetic radiation for children, actually exposing them to even higher risks. These items promising those who buy them protection from the alleged risks of 5G radio waves are easily found online, including on many popular ecommerce stores, under the names of "EMF bracelet", "Anti EMF bracelet", "Anti EMF pendant" and the like.

Anti EMF bracelets: why they are dangerous

In its public warning communication to the Dutch population, the ANVS explains that "The 10 products analyzed contain radioactive substances. As a result, they continuously emit ionizing radiation. The wearer is exposed to this radiation, which can have health side effects."

The agency also explains that such radiation is very light, but these devices are designed to be worn continuously, even throughout the day, and that's what makes them dangerous.

EMF bracelets and pendants, are they all dangerous?

The Autoriteit Nucleaire Veiligheid en Stralingsbescherming (ANVS), this is the name of the Dutch Nuclear Safety Authority, has analyzed 10 products of various types that claim to protect those who buy them from the "negative radiation" of 5G.

Among them are bracelets, pendants, necklaces and even a night mask. All ten devices are produced by a handful of companies, the list can be found on the official ANVS website at this address.

It is not possible to know if other similar products are just as dangerous, because almost never does the manufacturer explain to those who buy them what the phantom protection from electromagnetic waves really consists of.

In general, as a precaution, ANVS strongly advises against buying "negative ion" products. But that's not all: those who have already bought such a product should keep it in a safe place and away from their bodies, not throw it in the trash and ask for disposal according to the law.

Finally, the Dutch Agency specifies that negative ion hair dryers are not among the dangerous products, as they are safe because they do not emit any type of radiation.