Dugout: the soccer social that wants to make war on Facebook

The first social network designed for soccer fans, not to miss a single news on and off the field. Among the Italians Milan, Rome and Juve

A soccer match doesn't last only 90 minutes anymore. With social media we can know almost every moment what our favorites are doing, on and off the field. In order not to miss a single moment of the life of our favorite players, Dugout was born: the social of soccer. Dugout is not a simple accumulator of news, videos and statistics about our favorite team or our favorite players. It is a real social network that will guarantee exclusive content to all members. Videos, interviews and curiosities that for the first 24 hours cannot be found anywhere else on the Net. The objective of the companies that have joined, some of which also have administrators in the organization chart of the social, and the same founders is to fight the other social, especially Facebook and Instagram. Especially for the revenues and merchandising that these channels can guarantee to teams and players.

Who's inside Dugout?

As executive vice-president of Dugout was chosen Kate Burns, former executive of Google, AOL and Buzzfeed. The social is specifically aimed at targeting "millennials" and aims to attract the majority of soccer-related advertising within it. The social network also winks at new markets, and it is no coincidence that one of the eight languages currently available (there is also Italian) is Indonesian. Among the Italian teams present at the moment there are Roma, Juventus and Milan. On a European level, instead, there are among others Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, City, PSG and Bayern Munich. While among the players-partners there are: Gareth Bale, Alexis Sanchez, Edinson Cavani, Joe Hart and especially Neymar. Just look at the numbers of the latter on Facebook and Instagram to understand the commercial return that could have a significant success of Dugout.

How does Dogout work?

First we need to register. We can do this by associating our Facebook, Twitter, Google account, or by email. Inside Dugout there is a home page where you can find all the news or the most popular videos in the last few hours. Then there is a personal page where we can build the list of players and teams we prefer, so as not to miss anything in their reference. Choosing them is quite simple just select them from the lists. Finally there is the Profile section, which is still very scarce, where you can see the news filtered according to our interests.