How to pay bills online

Enough with the endless lines at the Post Office, here's how to pay online and from home the various utilities, from electricity to gas through ADSL and mobile telephony

Interminable lines at the Post Office or having to look for the nearest tobacconist and hope that it is open. Paying bills is sometimes a real nightmare. For some time now, however, utilities can be conveniently paid online.

It should be said that for greater convenience we can think of requesting the debit RID, or the payment of utilities directly to our current account. In this way we can manage pay-tv, smartphone operator, gas or electricity. Practically every bill. However, not everyone trusts to connect their current account with the various providers. For those in this category, the alternative is to pay bills directly from home. Let's start by saying that, as it is easy to guess, the payment on the Net is done by credit card. Usually are accepted credit cards and prepaid, Visa and Mastercard circuits, and PostePay cards Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard.

Home Banking

We say at once that to pay bills online is not necessary to use the account of the owner of the utility. Instead, a quick method for payments can be to use your bank's home banking. That is, the web platform of our banking group where we can carry out almost all the operations that can be carried out at the counter. To do this, just go to the section Postal Bulletins. It should be remembered, however, that some banks are not affiliated with some providers. All the information about it, however, can be found in the paper version of the bill that arrives at home.

Light and Gas

As we have said each supplier changes the method and compatibility for online payments. Let's see a quick roundup of the various services most used in Italy for home energy and their online payment methods. If we are Enel Energia users, we can pay our bills by credit card Visa, MasterCard or American Express, at no additional cost. To do so, however, you must register with "My Enel" and access the reserved area for customers. Edison Energia, on the other hand, accepts payments by Visa and MasterCard, and to pay for utilities, simply go to the company's website. With Acea Energia, in addition to Visa and MasterCard, online payment with the Post Office account is also accepted. With Illumia and E.ON, on the other hand, it is necessary to use home banking because there is no online payment service on the sites.



There are many options for online payment of the home Internet connection. With Tiscali you can pay your bill directly online and also download it in pdf format. With Infostrada just access the Customer Area to pay from home, and PayPal payments are also accepted. The same goes for Vodafone, where all you have to do to pay for ADSL is go to the Reserved Area and register. An embarrassment of riches with Telecom. Through Pag@nline you can pay your bills directly online, from the Payments section of the Customer Area 187, at no additional cost. But the company supports almost all banks present on Italian territory for the balance directly from Internet Banking. Fastweb allows payment through the Poste Italiane site or through an online bank transfer.

Poste Italiane

As we have seen, many services allow payment of utilities directly from the Poste Italiane site. But how do we use this service? We have two methods: either go to the Post Office website and access the section Pay Bulletin, or download the official app and pay directly from your smartphone. In any case, after associating a recovery number we will always receive a message of successful payment. With the exception of the RAV bulletin, the service is always available, with no time or holiday restrictions. The main bills payable online are: Premarked, White, Carabinieri fines, Polstrada fines, car tax, TASI, MAV, RAV, ICI and other taxes.