Fortnite 6 previews: is the blade skin coming?

Epic Games is about to release the season 6 of Fortnite that will feature a new map and a new skin blade, here are all the other news

The Season 5 of Fortnite is still not finished, but the millions of gamers who compete every day on the servers of Epic Games already can not wait to measure themselves with the next "episode". Shortly, in fact, will be released season 6 of Fortnite and on the Net already crazy rumors. Here are all the previews Fortnite season 6 emerged so far.

The new season, as always, will bring great news about the skins and customizations of characters, items, weapons and costumes. A redesign that usually divides fans. There are those who like to radically change the style of their characters and weapons and those who are particularly fond of the design of a specific season. Before seeing what new features Fortnite Season 6 will introduce, it is important to remind gamers that there is very little time left to complete the Free and Paid Battle Passes. All the rewards not yet unlocked in fact will be permanently lost when Fortinte Season 6 will be released on September 27, 2018.

New Blade Skin in Fortnite 6

To create anticipation among its loyal gamers was the same Epic Game that released a teaser image of the new season of Fortnite. In the picture you can see an unreleased skin of a llama. The color that will characterize this version will be purple while the main theme seems to be the party, disco music and in general the DJs. Most likely the Llama Skin will only be available in the paid Battle Pass. Be careful, though, because the choice of purple and lightning in the teaser image is very reminiscent of the Purple Cube, the lake where you can bounce to get high, very high. It is likely that in this new season the Purple Cube will have new features or will be further enhanced. Someone among fans has spoken of the birth of a volcano in the main map, but Epic Games have not released statements about it.