Third Day: previews of miniseries starring Jude Law

The TV series tells the story of a man and a woman who land on an island full of rituals and mysteries. Here are the details

Jude Law and Naomie Harris star in the new miniseries titled The Third Day. Produced by Sky and HBO, it is coming to American platforms on September 14, while in Italy we are still waiting for the exact date of publication.

The show is written by Dennis Kelly, who has behind him several successful titles, first of all Utopia. It tells the story of a man and a woman who land on a wild island but soon realize that the inhabitants of this place are jealous of their traditions and determined to preserve them in every way. They have peculiar ways of living and perform mysterious sacrificial rituals, where the protagonists are also involved. The series is divided into 3 phases: summer, autumn and winter. The first part is the one in which we find Jude Law in the role of the protagonist. In Italy, the series is already a success and will be distributed by Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

The Third Day plot: here's what it says

The TV series is a fascinating mix of horror, drama and mystery. The setting is a small and mysterious island called Hosea Island, located at the mouth of the Blackwater River and immersed in the English county of Essex. This place, disturbing and fascinating at the same time, has a fundamental role in the plot of the show.

Here, protected from prying eyes, lives in fact an indigenous population rooted in the territory and particularly linked to their macabre traditions. In particular, sacrificial rites are performed on the island, involving all kinds of victims, including strangers, and seem to be managed by a mysterious sect.

The TV series that tells about this gloomy world is divided into three parts: the chapter on summer consists of three episodes, the one on autumn is told in a single episode filmed without interruptions and finally the winter is presented in three more episodes. The series is therefore made up of 6 episodes, plus the small interlude on autumn.

The first two debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, arousing enormous interest among critics and audiences. Sky and Hbo took part in the production, but among the executive producers we also find Brad Pitt's Plab B house.

The Third Day: in the cast Jude Law and more

As mentioned, the two main protagonists are Jude Law and Naomie Harris. The former is the protagonist of the Summer chapter and plays the role of Sam, a man who finds himself rescuing a mysterious girl, Epona (played by Jessie Ross) and decides to take her back to her home, the island of Hosea. The man loses consciousness and finds himself wandering around the island, discovering the atrocious truths that characterize it.

Autumn, on the other hand, is a shorter chapter and involves actress Naomie Harris as the main character Helen. She arrives on the mysterious island with her daughters to spend a weekend with her family. However, she quickly realizes that the inhabitants are shaken by an event that just happened and want to bring her back. Helen becomes curious and wants to understand what happened. She therefore finds herself involved in the mechanisms of that society. In the cast we also find Emily Watson, Katherine Waterston, John Dagleish, Paddy Considine and Freya Allan.

The TV series is awaited by many fans of the genre and is preparing to conquer our country in the coming weeks. All that remains is to wait for further updates on the official release date on Sky and NOW TV.