The incredible story of the island of roses: the movie starring Elio Germano

The incredible story of the island of roses is the new movie starring Elio Germano, here's what it's about and why to see it.

The incredible story of the island of roses is the Italian movie released on December 9, 2020 on Netflix. Thanks to a stellar cast, careful direction and a truly original and curious plot, it has already received wide critical and public acclaim.

Directed by Sidney Sibilia (famous for his trilogy Smetto quando voglio), it is inspired by a true story from the Italian chronicle. It tells the story of the Isola delle Rose founded by the engineer and inventor Giorgio Rosa in 1968, in a particular historical period, characterized by student protests born from the need for freedom and evolution compared to rules considered obsolete and limiting. The film intends to narrate in a funny but rich way this period. In the film stands out the character of Giorgio Rosa, played by the talented actor Elio Germano. Next to him we find a very interesting cast, composed of names such as Matilda De Angelis and Luca Zingaretti.

The incredible story of the Isle of Roses: plot

The story of the Isle of Roses is so original that it looks like a movie. In fact, it was rediscovered about fifty years later by director Sidney Sibilia who wanted to tell it to the Netflix audience.

The Isle of Roses was actually built in 1968 and declared an "independent state" by its inventor. It was then demolished in February 1969, but it took just over two months to make it immortal and legendary.

It all revolves around the character of Giorgio Rosa, an out-of-the-box engineer played by Elio Germano. He lives in Bologna in 1968, an important year because of the famous student protests throughout Europe. He loves to invent incredible objects, which are punctually seized by the police. The rules begin to get to him and after a fight with his girlfriend Gabriella (Matilde De Angelis) he is inspired by the protests and decides to build an island in iron and cement off the coast of Rimini.

The island is proclaimed an independent state, inside there is only one rule: individual freedom. This space begins to be frequented by important people, accomplice the arrival of the hot summer. The Isle of Roses becomes famous all over Europe, also because a new language, Esperanto, is founded here. The President of the Republic Giovanni Leone (Luca Zingaretti) at first ignores this strange stunt, but when the situation becomes untenable they opt for the most drastic decision, putting an end to the dream of that generation.

The incredible story of the Rose Island: where to watch the movie

The film is original Netflix and the platform has invested so much for its realization. Moreover, it is produced by Grøenlandia, a company founded by Matteo Rovere and Sibillia.

The director found the story by chance while surfing online and it was "love at first sight". He decided to start working on it together with screenwriter Francesca Manieri. Of course, some parts of the true story were romanticized, but in the end it was born a film that intrigues about a real event out of the ordinary, destined to be successful over the years.

Netflix decided to include it among the news of December to close the year with some fun and optimism.

So you can watch it on the streaming platform from December 9, 2020.