Galaxy Fold: the flexible smartphone that turns into a tablet

The Galaxy Fold, Samsung's first flexible smartphone, has been unveiled. Here are the features, price and release date of the smartphone

Samsung immediately drops the ace. The Samsung Unpacked 2019 opens with the Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone from the South Korean company. It was the most anticipated device and Samsung didn't want to waste any time. The Galaxy Fold is a smartphone that is revolutionary in its own way: it integrates a dual screen so you can use the phone both when you open it and when you close it. The dimensions are quite generous, as well as the thickness. But for being the first foldable smartphone, the optimization work seems to be really good.

The Galaxy Fold, in addition to having the flexible display, has a technical card from true top of the range. It mounts a Snapdragon 855 processor with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage, features that bring it closer to any top-of-the-line computer. Samsung has also worked a lot on the graphical interface to optimize the use of all the most important applications. It will be possible to use an application on the external screen and continue using it on the internal flexible display. This is just one of the many features that the South Korean company has developed for the Galaxy Fold.

Features Galaxy Fold

The device has a unique form factor. Thanks to an AMOLED screen made of special material and a unique opening system capable of lasting, the device can be folded in two as if it were a book. The external screen is 4.6 inches with an HD+ resolution. The internal flexible display, on the other hand, has a 7.3-inch diagonal (slightly less than a tablet) and a QuadHD+ resolution. 

The Galaxy Fold's features are those of a premium smartphone. It mounts a Snapdragon 855 processor with 12GB of RAM and up to 1TB of internal storage that ensure top performance at all times. Very interesting photographic compartment. The smartphone mounts as many as six photo sensors to be able to take pictures at any time, both when the device is closed and when it is open. Three cameras are present on the inside of the smartphone (16MP, 12MP and 12MP telephoto sensors), while the other three are present on the outside (10MP, 10MP and 8MP).

The fingerprint sensor is positioned on the side, while the batteries are divided equally on the two parts of the smartphone. In total, the batteries offer a power of 4800mAh.

A new user experience

Samsung has worked hard to offer a new user experience to users. The smartphone integrates "App Continuity" technology that allows you to continue using the same application from both the external and internal screens. For example, if you are on the go and need to use Google Maps, you can start the application from the external screen, open the smartphone and continue using it from the internal flexible display. The 7.3-inch panel also allows you to use up to 3 applications simultaneously, something that until now was not possible to do on any smartphone. The Galaxy Fold can also be connected to a computer via Samsung DeX.

Price and release date Galaxy Fold in Italy

The device will not arrive immediately in Europe: we will have to wait until June. The sore point of the Galaxy Fold is the price: the device will cost more than 2000 euros.