Galaxy Note 8, Samsung wants to steal the scene to the Phone 8

According to reports from the site The Korea Herald, the next device of the South Korean company will be unveiled in August, a month before the launch of the iPhone

After launchingĀ the Galaxy S8, the wait in the house of Samsung risesĀ for the presentation of the Galaxy Note 8 that, as has been circulating for months now, should take place by the end of the summer. The latest rumors, compared to previous rumors, add a new detail: the month in which the phablet will be launched.

According to reports from the site The Korea Herald, in fact, the next device of the South Korean company will be unveiled in August. A not entirely causal choice. It is very likely that the Asian company wants to beat Apple on time, ready to present the iPhone 8 in September, gaining an important market advantage. The Galaxy Note 8, according to the information leaked on the net, will be a device destined to surprise. It is clear, therefore, that Samsung's strategy, assuming that the leaks are reliable, is likely to overshadow the launch of the new top of the range Apple. At the moment, however, there is very little official.

Galaxy Note 8: will it mount the Snapdragon 836?

And remaining in the field of hypotheses, the latest rumors claim that the Galaxy Note 8 will not mount, as mentioned above, the Snapdragon 835, one of the latest and high-performance processors from Qualcomm, but a version even more powerful: the Snapdragon 836. The phablet, according to the many rumors, will have interesting features and some really innovative. Many claim that it will be the first device in the Samsung family to be equipped with the dual photo sensor that could be one of the most powerful of those available on the market.

Features Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note will have a large display, similar to the Infinity Display adopted on the Galaxy S8, and will integrate Bixby, Samsung's intelligent personal assistant. Rumors, then, also talk about the RAM memory, which will probably be 6 GB, while little is known about the internal storage space.

Rumors aside, what is certain that the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 is now imminent. Will it be August? We'll see.