Galaxy Watch Active 2 official: it also does electrocardiogram

The Korean company tries to challenge the Apple Watch again by launching on the market a product with an excellent quality-price ratio

Just six months after the presentation of the Galaxy Watch Active, the low-cost smartwatch from Samsung, the Korean company already presents the Galaxy Watch Active 2. This updated and improved version of Samsung's smartwatch, however, will not replace the one already on the market but will stand alongside it.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, compared to the first version, is a bit of a step backwards because it reintroduces some features that Samsung had eliminated in the first Active to keep the price low. The result is a decidedly superior product, available in both 40mm and 44mm sizes, with advanced features such as the ability to do an electrocardiogram (ECG), but the latter feature will only come later and at the moment is not yet available. Versions with LTE connectivity will be sold in the future, while at launch only models with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will be available, which will also be distinguished by the materials used and the colors available.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: technical characteristics

Regardless of the size of the case, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is available in two versions: one with Bluetooth connection and aluminum case and the other with Wi-Fi connection and steel case. If in the first model had removed the rotating bezel, significantly worsening the user interface compared to the regular Galaxy Watch, in the Watch Active 2 the bezel returns but in virtual form: it is a touch zone that simulates the functionality of a real mechanical bezel, complete with sound and haptic feedback.

For the rest, the design is very similar to the previous model: the smart watch from Samsung is very thin and light and comfortable to wear. The OLED display measures 1.2 inches (1.44 inches in the 44mm version) with 360×360 pixel resolution. The battery is 247 mAh (340 mAh in the 44 mm version) and the built-in processor is the dual core Exynos 9110. The internal memory is 4 GB, on all models.

Samsung's new smartwatch integrates GPS, for tracking walks and workouts even without a smartphone connection. On the software side, however, the Active 2 smartwatch is almost identical to the original Active.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: when it comes out and how much it costs

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch will arrive in stores on September 27, with a starting price of $279.99 for the 40mm Wi-Fi model, rising to $299.99 for the 44mm Wi-Fi model. Available colors will be Cloud Silver, Acqua Black, Pink Gold (for the aluminum case version) and Silver, Black and Gold (for the steel version).