Google down, all services don’t work [UPDATED]

Google down on December 14, 2020: none of big G's services work starting with Gmail, YouTube, Maps and Drive. What's happening

Update 2:30 p.m.: Almost all the problems have been resolved, Google's products and services are available again.

Google down on December 14 and the internet seems to be paralyzed. All the services offered by the giant of Moutain View have suddenly become inaccessible: from Gmail to the video platform YouTube, the storage spaces of Drive, the video calls with Meet and also the navigation services of Maps.

The problems started around 1pm on Monday and the reports continue to increase by the minute both on the Downdetector site and on social networks, from Facebook to Twitter. A down of Google that certainly paralyzed the internet world, the online classes, the possibility even to surf the streets or send an email. The malfunctions are reported not only in Italy, but all over the world, and at the moment there are no clarifications from Google on the type of failure in progress and the timing of resolution, only a phrase in response to those who try to access one of the services of Big G: "Oops, something went wrong. After about half an hour of total blackout for all services of the Google ecosystem, including the Play Store for Android and Stadia, the situation has begun to return to normal.

Google down, what's happening

All services of the Google ecosystem are feeling the down, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. For those trying to access Gmail, whether from a standard or business account, the answer is "temporary error 505". For those who instead access YouTube, a monkey with a hat and a hammer explains: "Something went wrong". Same for Google Drive, the navigation system Maps, the cloud gaming of Stadia and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The problem is the same for all services: impossible for users to access and use them. A down of 30 minutes that could not go unnoticed, given that every hour there are millions of people who use one of the services of Big G in the world.

Google down towards resolution

The service has begun to return to operation from 13.30, after a total blackout lasted over half an hour. The first services to be restored were Maps, YouTube and Drive. Gradually the situation seems to return to normal, even if at 13.35 opening the Gmail email, both from a standard account and from Workspace, problems persist: a pop-up message explains that it is not possible to access Contacts saved in the address book of the inbox. Even this message, however, is set to disappear and the glitch seems to have been resolved.