WindTre problems: Internet and phone KO [UPDATED]

The WindTre network started having problems on Wednesday afternoon, but now it seems that the situation is improving

UPDATE 04/02/21, 08:15: The problems on the WindTre network seem at least partially overcome, but not uniformly throughout Italy. Reports on specialized sites and social networks are mixed: some users claim to still have problems, others to have solved them.

We checked some Wind users and we can confirm that the problems are being solved, but not everywhere at the same rate.

UPDATE 04/02/21, 07:30: WindTre has not yet solved the network problems that prevent many users from making and receiving calls and surfing the web with mobile connection. Deafening silence from the company that not only has not released any official note about its technical problems, but has even deserted social media.

Remember that WindTre has a minimal social presence: a Facebook page that has never been used and a Twitter profile with comments blocked.

Update 9:30 p.m.: It now seems clear that the phone service disruption is limited to the operator WindTre. Which, however, despite hundreds of reports of problems continue to arrive and millions of users are practically isolated, has not yet issued any official notice.

No press release, no warning on the home page of its website, no response on social networks where, among other things, the company has a presence reduced to the bare minimum: a Twitter profile with just 9 thousand followers, a Facebook page without any post ever published.

Update at 20:25: at about two hours from the beginning of the disruption the reports of problems are significantly decreased for all operators, except for Wind. This could mean that the reports initially made by users of these operators were partially wrong: trying to call Wind users (or other operators that rely on Wind network) the call was not successful.

The extremely high number of users that, directly or indirectly, use Wind network could therefore have distorted the reports giving the impression of a general download of all operators. Small localized problems to the networks of these operators, that happen frequently, could have amplified this feeling.

Article published at 18:39

Tough afternoon for many Italian mobile operators that of today, February 3, 2021. From what we can tell by reading the reports sent to the aggregator Downdetector and other similar sites, and the messages sent on social networks by users to their respective operators, WindTre, Poste Mobile, Tim, Vodafone, Iliad and other operators (including virtual ones) have more than one problem.

The inefficiencies are all patchy, the situation is not generalized throughout the Italian territory but varies from area to area. The most affected seem to be WindTre users, but many reports also come from Poste Mobile (which relies on the same Wind network until the end of March). A similar number of reports also for TIM and slightly less for Vodafone and Iliad. Negligible, instead, are the reports from Fastweb (Wind network), (Vodafone network), Kena (TIM network) Very Mobile (Wind network).

Telephone operator problems: what's happening

Most of the reports concern the difficulty, if not impossibility, to access the mobile Internet.

Following the reports of down to the fixed Internet network and some users are unable to call or receive calls.

The fact that for all operators, each in proportion to the number of users, there are reports from various parts of Italy and that these reports are increasing since 17:00 today suggests a technical problem upstream of the individual operator.

What operators say

Waiting to understand what exactly is happening, we report that Vodafone confirms that there have been technical interventions in Milan, but the problems have been solved. No communication from TIM, WindTre, Poste Mobile and the various MVNOs.

We will update this article as soon as more reliable information is available.