Huawei ready to launch first smartphone without Google services

The Korean company is preparing to launch the first smartphone in Europe with the "final" version of Huawei Mobile Services. Here's what they are and what they're for

The first smartphone from Huawei completely devoid of Google services, replaced by Huawei Mobile Services, is about to arrive: it will be presented by the Chinese company during an event organized for February 24 in Barcelona, replacing the Mobile World Congress cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

Many Chinese press sources say that during this event will be presented the European version of the Honor View 30 and View 30 Pro, already launched in China in November. They will be the first smartphones marketed outside of China to integrate Huawei Mobile Services natively. The same mobile services launched in beta in December in China and then in an official version on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. The two European Honor V30s, then, are the first real Huawei smartphones without Google's services aimed at the European mass market. A real test case for the Chinese company, which in China has no problem making its customers digest a product without Google, but outside the motherland it might have. And lots of them, too.

What are Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei Mobile Services are services that run in the background on Android smartphones as a replacement for Google Mobile Services. Like Google's, Huawei's services are meant to standardize the user experience and make it smooth, for example allowing you to watch YouTube videos inside another app, or send an email with Gmail by simply clicking on a link. Huawei can no longer use Google's services due to Donald Trump's well-known "ban," which blacklisted the company from doing business with American companies without going through U.S. government control.

Honor View 30 and View 30 Pro: what they will look like

If Huawei will not change the technical specifications of the Honor View 30 and View 30 Pro smartphones already launched in China, then two new excellent mid-range smartphones will also arrive in Europe, equipped with SoC Kirin 990, 5G network, 6.57-inch LCD screen and two front cameras (32 and 8 MP). The main difference between the two smartphones is in the rear camera department: the Pro has a 40 MP sensor with optical stabilizer, a 12 MP ultra wide with software stabilizer and an 8 MP 3X telephoto. The regular Honor View 30, on the other hand, has the same main camera but no optical stabilizer, an 8 MP ultra wide and the same telephoto sensor. Prices in China are around $550 for the Pro and $470 for the regular version.