The most powerful MacBook Pro of all is ready for launch: a matter of days

MacBook Pro is close to launch: this is claimed by the well-known journalist of Bloomberg Mark Gurman, who in recent hours has shared the latest news in his possession

The new MacBook Pro with M1X chip has been talked about for some time now. At first, rumors had crowded to indicate it among the new products that Apple would have presented in the September event from which, among others, came out the iPhone 13 range, but among the general surprise the new MacBook Pro has been postponed.

Should not be missing much anyway, judging from the information shared in recent hours by journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. There doesn't seem to be any question that the new MacBook Pro for professionals will arrive by the end of the year, but its absence at last month's event made a lot of noise and seems to have bewildered even the world of rumors. One of whom has spoken, however: it is Gurman himself who has argued for the absolute closeness of the event. Substantial and also aesthetic novelties are expected on MacBook Pro: it is said that it will have a renewed design and several colors to choose from, some inspired by iMac 2021.

We must keep the attention threshold high

The indiscretion on the launch comes from the esteemed journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. According to the information in his possession, the debut of the most powerful MacBook Pro is not far away: if the prediction turns out to be correct, we will see the powerful laptop with Apple by October, practically a matter of days.

Gurman shared the information with the fans who follow his appointment in which he distributes weekly rumors on the pocket technology sector. Here are a few passages of what he wrote: "The wait for the new MacBook Pro is probably almost over: it wasn't launched at Apple's September event but should still arrive in the coming weeks. After all, Apple has historically chosen October to unveil its new Macs," Gurman said.

The reporter went on to say that the M1X chip will debut on the MacBook Pro but will also be destined to power a high-performance Mac mini that will arrive later. The new chip should be better suited than ever to the MacBook Pro's target audience, which is professionals who have significant graphics processing needs.

Up to 32 graphics cores on the new MacBook Pro

To favor them, Apple's Silicon M1X chip will have a 10-core compute unit (CPU), and more importantly a graphics processing unit (GPU) that can be chosen with 16 or 32 cores. It should have neural processing capabilities, so specific to artificial intelligence, and support up to 64 GB of RAM, although some consider this prediction optimistic and rather say that the best configuration will be limited to 32 GB.

Beyond "pure" power - absolutely essential for a product called Pro and which has been targeted by professionals for years - MacBook Pro M1X is expected to arrive with a miniLED display like that of iPad Pro 12.9", even faster charging and with three old acquaintances returning: the HDMI input to make it more exploitable to connect the laptop to external monitors, the SD reader and the magnetic MagSafe connector for charging.