Amazon patents a pocket drone that responds to voice commands

The aircraft is able to recognize people and objects thanks to some advanced technologies and will be able to find the place where you parked your car

It is the case to say, when fantasy exceeds reality. Imagine having a drone perched on your shoulder and so small that it can be slipped into your pocket. Imagine that it does everything you tell it to do. Science fiction? Absolutely not.

Amazon in fact has registered a patent for a drone with voice control and very small size. According to what the e-commerce giant says, the aircraft will be of great help to humans in numerous activities. For example, the patent contains images of a tiny drone resting on the shoulder of what appears to be a policeman. As Amazon claims the quadcopter will be able to be used instead of dashboard cameras. Not only that. The drone will also be able to be activated with a voice command and help law enforcement when it's time to chase a suspect. The policeman will be able to chase a bad guy and command the drone through voice to go after another

A personal assistant drone

Another situation where the quadcopter will be able to be employed is when, for example, you can't find your car. It has happened to all of us at least once in our lives to not remember where we left the car. In this unpleasant situation, the Amazon drone would solve many problems. It is enough to take it out of the pocket and fly it and in a few minutes we will have tracked our vehicle.

Amazon also plans to include in its drone technologies that can identify an object through an RFID tag or find a lost child using facial recognition software. Just give the drone the command "search" and the quadricopter will start its "hunt". In the future we will have a personal assistant, small and that can be taken anywhere.