Some UFO videos are real, Pentagon confirms it

Congress will discuss some reports on unidentified objects, meanwhile the U.S. has said that some UFO videos and photos are real.

Although it seems so, this is not a new episode of The X-Files.

As in the TV series that made David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson successful in the 1990s, the Pentagon, aka U.S. defense headquarters, is ready to declassify some secret reports on UFO sightings. A head of National Intelligence will speak about it to the U.S. Congress during the next week.

Probably the hearing in the next few days will not be as revealing as FBI agent Fox Mulder, assigned to the X-Files, would like, but we'll get to that in a moment (by the way, here are three series to watch if you're nostalgic for the X-Files).

First, it's worth remembering what the stars-and-stripes military officials have already said. And that it can't be dismissed as yet another conspiracy buff's flight of fancy.

What you see in the photos and video that the U.S. Department of Defense is looking into

Under investigation is a 2019 video and some photos from the same year, which show objects of various shapes levitating in the air. Specifically, the video depicts some triangular objects. The photos, on the other hand, a spherical-shaped object, one that resembles an airship, and another similar to a peanut suspended in flight.

The clip and photos were obtained by U.S. Navy personnel, a source that is certainly reliable in the eyes of the Department of Defense, and then disseminated on the internet via some sites that are actually not very well known. But confirming the authenticity of the material was the Pentagon spokeswoman to CNN. Have we discovered aliens?

Because we still don't know if that video is proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms

We can't say that. The assumption of the last days consists in the fact that the Pentagon has seriously considered the possibility that UFOs have been sighted on the American soil (and they would be very different forms from others hypothesized, for example these ones).

The video and the photos therefore would be authentic, but they would have to be interpreted: could it be an optical effect? We don't know it. Or, at least, we don't know yet.

Also it is good to underline that with the wording Unidentified Flying Object is meant literally what, translated in Italian, is an "unidentified flying object". And that at a deeper analysis could turn out to be, well, a pine cone.

Or maybe an interstellar vehicle.

Giuseppe Giordano