Fitbit is ready to launch its own smartwatch and challenge Apple

The president of Fitbit announces that the company is making a new smartphone that will allow the company to increase its revenues

After the purchases of Pebble, Vector and Coin the only thing missing was the official announcement. That came directly from James Park, CEO of the company: Fitbit is working to make its first smartwatch and enter the smartwatch market by playing the lead.

Already in 2015 Fitbit launched a device (the Fitbit Blaze) that looks a lot like a smartwatch, but it was only classified as a smart fitness watch. And it will go from there to make its first smartwatch. The purchase of companies such as Pebble, Vector and Coin gave Fitbit the opportunity to have new patents to use to perfect its device. From the words of James Park we can guess in which direction the company will move in the next months: the smartwatch will have to have a particular style and meet the needs of the users.

How will the Fitbit smartwatch look like

The reference sector of Fitbit remains always and however the one of personal health: the smartwatch will have to integrate the functionalities already present in the fitness trackers improving them thanks to the possibility to use the touch screen. James Park's goal is to make the company one of the leaders in the smartwatch sector, a market that in the next few years should exceed $10 billion. If Fitbit succeeds, the company's future will be much brighter than it is now. In fact, the company ended 2016 with a below-expectation result that will force the company to lay off between 5 and 10 percent of its workforce.