Google Maps tells you where to recharge your electric car

Google has updated its popular maps app to include within it the location of electric car charging stations

Finally, after years of hesitation, we've finally decided to buy an electric car. All very nice but while we are not at home where can we recharge our electric vehicle? No problem, Google Maps tells us.

The digital mapping application of Mountain View has recently implemented a new function to report to users where the nearest electric car charging stations are located. Basically, this is the same function that alerts us to restaurants, ATMs, gas stations or gas stations. Simply among the various places reported on the app Google has also added the columns with electric charging sockets, especially given the wide spread that cars of this type are having in some major cities. The new feature for reporting charging points for electric cars has already been released both on the Android version of Google Maps and on the one for iOS devices.

How does the reporting service for charging the electric car of Google Maps work

On Google Maps we will find marked all the electric columns closest to us. Not only those of municipalities or those of private car sharing companies, but any column can be useful to recharge our electric car and return home. At this point many of you will be wondering: but what should I ask Google Maps to find the nearest charging point for my car? Nothing easier, once on the application we go to the search bar at the top and enter keywords such as "electric columns" or "Ev charging station", and in a few seconds the app will provide us with a list of results based on our location. For each column is indicated the name of the company that manages it, if there is an application to manage charging and any hours of operation of the service. At the moment the only flaw of the function is that it does not report to users if a charging point is busy or free, and does not even give a graph of the average turnout per hour, as is the case with other activities on Google Maps. It is likely, however, that in the future this data will also be included by Mountain View on its map service.