How long does the temporary block of Instagram

Here are some examples of what can be the reasons for the temporary block of your Instagram account, what to do to avoid it and how long it could last.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and continues to grow more and more. An application to be explored in order to better manage the wide range of multimedia content that it can contain and thus increase the involvement of users. Also for marketing activities, by now, Instagram is essential to intensify the contact with already loyal customers and to find new ones, starting a relationship of trust in continuous evolution. But each platform has its own policy to follow and it can happen that actions of various kinds are taken that are not exactly in line with the Instagram rules. And the social may provide a temporary block of your profile for a variable time. Why does it happen and what to do at this point?

Temporary Instagram block: causes

The nightmare of every user and Instagram addicted is just that: seeing the message "Action blocked" or "Temporary block" appear on your mobile device. But how come? The causes of a temporary block of Instagram can be various and due, for example, to the violation of the standards and conditions provided by the platform, which apply to all users. One of the reasons for the block may come from a compulsive activity in the use of social, putting in a very short time, an avalanche of "Like" to the posts of users you follow and starting to follow many other profiles in a systematic way with the speed of light. This practice can be detected by Instagram in the same way as spamming.

There are, in fact, limits on the number of likes, comments and follows that can be made at the same time or in a very short time. Otherwise, a message may pop up on your Instagram screen warning you that you are using the social incorrectly by community standards, with the option to send a report to the help center if you think there has been an error. In this case, it could be a preliminary warning, or it could be a progressive block, which can include stopping certain Instagram features, such as liking, posting a comment, or following other users, all the way up to temporarily blocking your account altogether. These sanctions of Instagram can reach, usually, to profiles that employ certain apps such as bots to expand the pool of followers and distribute continuous likes and comments on the photos of other profiles in automated mode. Una precauzione, questa, per incentivare l’uso consapevole di Instagram e preservarne l’autenticità nell’interazione tra gli utenti.

Alcune accortezze per evitare il blocco temporaneo Instagram

Non esistono, al momento, limiti ufficiali di Instagram per la sua immensa community planetaria. In base ad alcune stime, però, è consigliabile non oltrepassare le seguenti azioni:

  • 60 like ogni ora;
  • 60 commenti ogni ora;
  • 60 follow ogni ora;
  • 60 unfollow ogni ora.

Molto dipende anche dallo "storico" del nostro profilo e dal nostro comportamento abituale sulla piattaforma. Ad esempio se un profilo non viene utilizzato per un po’ e poi inizia la super attività di cui parlavamo prima, nell’arco di pochi minuti e secondi, Instagram potrebbe considerarla sospetta. Inoltre, è più facile che un profilo Instagram sia soggetto ad un blocco temporaneo se è stato creato da poco tempo e già inizia un’attività iper compulsiva. Also, it is recommended to avoid untrustworthy Instagram bots and at the limit, look for the best ones that have secure software and provide high controls on operations.

How long does a temporary block on Instagram last

A temporary block of your Instagram profile may last 24 hours if it is the first time you are a victim of it, but the account may suffer a higher temporality if Instagram has already blocked you other times. In this case, you could be without your favorite social for 48 or 72 hours or, in more serious cases, the block could extend for 30 days or even longer. If you're wondering how to lift the temporary block on Instagram, unfortunately, there is no procedure to activate, but you need to get comfortable and wait for the expected time for the profile reactivation. If a total block of the account has occurred, it is recommended, instead, to contact Instagram support to start the process of reactivating your account.

What to do in case of temporary Instagram block for phishing

Another eventuality to consider is the temporary Instagram block for phishing. Surely you have heard about the nightmare of internet users that can affect both the less experienced and the more experienced ones. Phishing is a kind of online fraud that hackers can create to seize your personal, financial, but also related to your privacy, as well as your passwords. As with any platform, those who use Instagram can also run into these dangers. You might, for example, have received an email that looked official from Instagram and, apparently, completely in accordance with its design, where you were asked to enter your username and password.

This is a remote option, but one to be wary of. Keep in mind that by detecting suspicious activity, even if you're not really a victim of fraud, Instagram may block your profile with a message that explicitly states the cause of the block for your compromised account due to phishing attempts. But how long does the temporary Instagram block for phishing last? First, you'll have to follow an account recovery wizard, supplemented by using your email where you'll receive an unlock code, or by text message. The timeline is variable and it could take up to a week to restore your account if all goes well. So, as you may have guessed, you can never be too careful when it comes to privacy and taking care of your actions and personal data.