How to connect your PC to your TV

Here are all the solutions to connect your computer with your TV and start watching movies and TV series on a bigger screen

Nowadays there are several video streaming programs that we can use on our devices, from smartphones to notebooks. Why do we insist on watching our favorite series on small displays when we can connect our PC to the TV and watch movies and TV series on a bigger screen? If we own a smart TV we won't need cables or accessories, we can connect to the Internet and start the various on-demand services, such as Netflix, SkyGo or RaiPlay, directly from the TV. But if we don't have one with access to the Net, we'll just have to connect the computer to the TV to solve all kinds of problems. To do this we'll have to buy some wires or devices that are fairly inexpensive. It is important to know that there are also wireless solutions to connect the PC to the home television. In this way we won't have annoying cables scattered around our apartment.

Wireless solutions

To connect our computer to the TV without using cables, the solution is to buy a smart box. These are small accessories that basically turn our television into a Smart TV. In this way, we can connect the screen of our computer or smartphone to watch any program that requires the use of the Internet on the TV. Among the most famous smart boxes we find Apple TV 4K. It allows us to transmit the PC screen on the TV and play any multimedia content. On other TVs and on computers with Windows or Linux operating system the most convenient solutionĀ is Google's Chromecast.

Cables for connecting PC and TV

The most popular cable for connecting PC and TV is HDMI. HDMI cables are easily found on the market, sometimes even in supermarkets, and they cost very little. The cheapest can have a price even less than 10 euros. If we have an Apple notebook, however, in addition to the HDMI cable we will need a USB adapter type C to be able to connect the cable to the laptop. And this can also happen on some models of laptops from other manufacturers.

S-Video Cable

If we have a computer a bit 'old that does not have an HDMI port we can solve the problem using an S-Video cable. This is the famous cable present in almost all old generation consoles, the one marked by the three plugs (red, white and yellow). This system will allow us to connect a TV to a computer, but we won't be able to see HD movies. These cables cost very little but take a long one and make sure that the television has the appropriate connections for S-Video or at least a SCART socket.

VGA Cable

In case of absence of S-Video support on our computer we can use another solution, or a VGA wire. Before buying one, however, check that your television has a compatible port. Older televisions do not have this connection. With the VGA cable we will also be able to watch movies in HD quality.