How to create Avatars on Facebook

For a few weeks now, the new avatars have arrived on the social network. They can be used both to comment on posts and as a profile image

Facebook has also launched Avatars in Italy, drawings that reproduce users and can be used both as a profile image and as a sticker in the comments to posts. Just look at them to immediately understand what they are inspired by: they look a lot like the famous Apple memoji.

They debuted in the Italian platform at the beginning of May and in a few days have already conquered many users who have been able to recreate an emoji inspired by their body and face. In fact, the social network provides a procedure to create your own Facebook Avatar: you can choose all the physical parameters, from the color of the complexion, the length of the hair or the color of the eyes, up to the clothing. The goal is to make the platform more interactive and fun, allowing users to show off their creativity.

Facebook Avatar: how to activate the procedure

The procedures for creating an Avatar are slowly being activated in all Italian accounts. To create your own, you can, for example, go to the comments of a post and click on the sticker symbol in the text bar on the right, next to the symbol to insert emoji.

And it is in the sticker section that the user can find the new function. After selecting the sticker icon, the platform opens a window in which to create the avatar. Just press the "Create your Avatar" button to start the procedure.

The second way to create it is to go to a profile that has already created it, for example Mark Zuckerberg's. Also in this case, right on the post appears the button "Create your Avatar" which then allows you to access the editor.

How to create the Facebook Avatar

Well, we are officially inside the editor that will allow you to create from scratch the image that looks like us. The interface shows a bar with all the parameters to customize: the first requirement to choose is the complexion, then proceed with the hair, mouth, nose, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows and facial elements. Lastly you can choose the constitution and clothing. To help the user create their character, the platform lets you activate the front camera that will have the function of a mirror. To do so, just click on the mirror icon on the interface.

After deciding all the elements of your appearance, you can simply confirm your choice by pressing the top right "Finish" button and your Avatar is ready. It will work from both smartphones and computers.

Where can you use the Facebook Avatar?

First of all, you can insert it into a comment, just like you do with an emoticon or a GIF. In fact, after creating the avatar, the platform automatically creates a real package of personalized stickers: you can see the avatar applauding, smiling, cheering, angry and expressing any kind of reaction. By clicking on one of the many proposed figures, the system will automatically publish it in the comments.

Setting the avatar as a profile picture on Facebook

In addition to being used as a sticker in comments, the avatar can also be set as a profile picture. To use it in this way, you can choose the appropriate option at the time of creation. In fact, the platform will ask the user for permission to use it as a profile picture. The user will be able to choose between three options: the character that greets, peeks out from the side of the frame or the full-length character.

If, on the other hand, you have already created the avatar, just go to the Settings menu, to More and finally to Avatars. Here you can either edit it or set it as your profile picture.