Best programs to create slideshows online

When we talk about slideshows we refer to presentations with images and sounds in the digital environment. To express the concept in a very simple way, the selected images are scrolled automatically, with predefined timing, in order to show the user a studied and intriguing sequence. This is a very common technique in business, where very often you find yourself proposing project presentations with this technique.

It is not at all a complex technique, unless you intend to make a slideshow a semi-short, with expedients typical of professional video editing. Remaining in the area of business presentations or perhaps slideshows prepared for private events, such as birthdays or anniversaries, here are some useful programs to succeed in your intent, taking advantage of what the web offers for free.

Freemake Video Converter

Using this program you can create in a short time really exceptional slideshows, merging a large number of images without having to face any expense. In fact, the program is absolutely free of charge and among the advantages offered is a large number of guaranteed output file formats. It also allows you to upload your finished file directly to the YouTube channel of your choice. It's a simple way to skip a few steps and also lighten the load on your processor. The same goes for external media. In fact, you can transfer it to USB sticks, external hard disks or DVDs.

Among the cons, however, is the fact that you can't in any way have access to ready-made templates, to customize only by adding photos. It is therefore necessary to work from scratch, with imagination and dedication. It's also not possible to add text, limiting the slideshow to photos and music.

DVD Slideshow Builder

A rather powerful tool to be able to develop feature-rich slideshows for those who need to create professional end products, reserved for business. Users are able to combine a mix of photos and videos without any limitations, generating various types of slides, with 2D or even 3D transition effects. Even with this program, which is completely free, it is possible to make a direct upload to YouTube, other social networks or maybe your own smart TV.

The main advantage of this program is its great simplicity of use. Once you've done the initial tests, it will be very easy to create professional slideshows that won't look out of place in an office presentation. There is a wide range of output formats for images, video and audio. The slideshows are totally customizable from this point of view, depending on your needs. On the other hand, it is not possible to upload directly via email or rigid format, such as DVD or USB sticks.

Filmora Video Editor

The platform offered is feature-rich, which makes this program ideal for both video editing beginners and professionals. Filmora Video Editor supports all sorts of file formats, and the obtained performances can be shared directly on the main social media. Developing slides is very effective, given the many functions. Among the pros it is also necessary to list a very intuitive interface, ideal for those taking their first steps in this world. There is no shortage of filters, with overlay and movement elements. Every file format is supported and uploading to social networks is extremely simple.

Among the cons, it should be pointed out that the number of templates to refer to is rather limited. Also in this case, therefore, it requires initiative and imagination from the user. The 3D effects are limited, but they are enough for what is a totally free program. There is a paid version, without watermarks, while this free one leaves its mark on the final product.

Windows Movie Maker

One of the pre-installed Windows programs can certainly come in handy when you need to create slideshows, whether for work or for private interests. Very easy to use, it allows you to take your very first steps into the world of video editing, handling photos, movies and music files without stress. Videos can also be recorded directly from your webcam and it is extremely easy to apply visual effects and animations to selected portions of your slides. It is a very lightweight program that doesn't take up much of your PC's resources.

You can upload your final work to social media and there are a large number of transitions with visual effects. It should be noted, however, that the features are generally limited compared to other proposals on the market. However, it is ideal for quick jobs that don't require excellent interventions. It therefore looks more at practice than at artistic effects. The real limitation, however, is the supported file formats. This list is in fact limited.


In this case we're not talking about programs, but a social platform. A system used especially by those who want to quickly share what they have created on their profiles.


It also allows you to follow your favorite creators, so you can have models to be inspired, following instructions to improve your editing style. Developing slides is very easy and the functions are varied. It is also very easy to import media files from other platforms. You can mark your videos as private or public, thus creating a collection of products that you can take your time to decide if and when to share with others.

You'll need to do some initial experimentation to fully realize its potential. This means that it requires some time and practice. Therefore, it isn't the ideal tool for those who are just starting out and are looking for a program for sporadic use. The real limitation, however, is that it can't download the developed videos. This is an obstacle that can be solved with other online tools. Once the final product has been uploaded to social networks, it can be downloaded from there in another way.


It is not necessary to download any program, as it is a totally free online tool. Many features are available, allowing you to develop interesting slideshows. You can easily add photos, videos and music from the connected Photosnack platform, sharing everything on major social media later. Having a wide platform available is ideal for those who need to create slideshows for business.

In cases like this, it's certainly not a problem to take advantage of backgrounds or people of various kinds who have no relation to the creator. One of the shortcomings is that there are few models that can support the automatic playback feature. Besides, these models are limited in number. In addition, if you opt for the free version, you will have to deal with the watermark left in the video.


This is a very well-known tool that allows you to make online video editors. It has a lot of really interesting functions, which you can access even without registration. This is a very convenient feature that should not be underestimated at all. It means that you don't have to remember your access data and can quickly start your work. This is especially useful if you have to use this tool sporadically. Users are also allowed to very easily customize the timing, duration and size of the slides, as well as the position, etc.

The immediate start, without registration, can only be a huge pro for this tool. While there is no payment involved, it allows for a high level of customization, making it one of the favorites active today. It is very easy to operate a proportion control. A very useful feature for those who need to create slideshows with precise parameters. There is also a paid package, but the free one does not disappoint in terms of features.

On the cons side, it should be noted that it is not the most immediate tool in terms of understanding. Therefore, it requires an initial study, proceeding with some tests. This is the best method to avoid creating one-sided or unsatisfactory slides. It is better to study a bit, rely on some templates and look for guides. The final result, really excellent once you know the various features, will certainly be worth the time spent in "studying". In the event that you need a Full HD resolution, it is good to know that this is available only with a paid package.


Really useful app for anyone who wants to try their hand at photo and video editing from their Android device. An ideal tool to be able to quickly publish what you've created on social media. A real battle buddy for the influencers of tomorrow. Many filters available, animations and various resolutions. The main drawback, however, is the fact that you only have to choose a limited number of photos.


Those who have to deal with iOS devices can use SlideLab instead. It's an app packed with intuitive features. You can create slides of any length, with images, videos and music files. Everything is developed with great simplicity, although it's not so convenient to organize photos according to the user's needs.